Tomahawk Steak

$155.00 · 8 Reviews

Look at those glorious fats! I am usually health-conscious, but these are worth busting your diet plans for. Wagyu is from a special breed that has high levels of fat marbling. These fats have low melting point, giving the meat a melt-in-the-mouth texture. This dish comes in a huge portion, that can possibly serve up to six.

Juicy on the inside and seared just right on the outside. This was heaven on a plate to be shared between 2 to 3 people. Can be rather pricey but worth every cent. Try out the different sauces too. My favourite is the pepper sauce.


Check out the 70 day grain fed Aussie Black Angus Tomahawk at tonight's tasting! HUGE!! 0.0 #steak #instagood #instafood #sgfood #sgig #foodporn #foodphotography #followforfollow #instagrammers

This is a slightly over 1kg meat! 70-Day Grain Fed Australian Young Black Angus Tomahawk.