Charshu Donburi

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Beside their slurp-worthy ramen, Kanshoku Ramen Bar’s rice dishes such as the Charshu Donburi ($13.90) was surprisingly good. A satisfying savoury bowl with mushroom bits, sushi rice sprinkled with furikake and torched caramelized charshu marinated with their in-house special sauce. Tender yet not overly fatty, the lean slices paired nicely with the dollop of mayo at the side. And as you get the lightly charred edges, the meat still has a good amount of moisture locked within - not too dry. With lots of flavours going on, the spoonful of mushroom duxelle also lends a delectable earthy quality while the dried Japanese seasoning serves as a salty-sweet, crunchy element. Eat it however you want, but I recommend giving everything a good mix.

These slices of charshu were nicely torched, topped on a bed of savory-sweet rice. Honestly, it is almost a perfect bowl of donburi. 🍚


This was surprisingly one of the table's unanimous favourite. The rice was the actual attraction of the dish as it was delicious and addictive, and the flavourful chashu made it an overall lovely dish we enjoyed.
Simple formula: Mix everything in the rice and enjoy. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

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