Mazesoba With All Toppings

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This is my 8th bowl of the year. I prefer the flavour profile of the sauce here than most places. Super gelat meaty goodness will keep me coming back for more πŸ˜‹
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First time trying this restaurant and style of ramen. Not the most value for money but the quality is definitely there. Their in-house sauce brings together all flavours of the ingredients that you see in the bowl; better than the sum of its parts some would say. Can't really describe the taste but overall it has a hint of sesame. Will go back! πŸ˜‹

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9 Aug'17, Wed (Happy National DayπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬)
Mazesoba with all toppings at Kajiken 油そば専門店 ζ­ŒεΏ—θ»’πŸœ

What to expect for this dry ramen:
- chewy thick ramen noodle
- runny egg
- tender chicken karaage
- thick braised pork
- thinly sliced chashu
- bamboo shoots
- scallions
- nori seaweed

Tasty and if you are looking for a change from the usual soup ramen, this is where you should go!

Total damage: $18.60 (inclusive of GST)

Note: Small shop which can accommodate about 20pax (I think)...quite a bit of waiting when I was there, not for the queue but for the ramen to be served to me...hmm...but the service crew was polite and making you feel welcomed...

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Ordered the mazesoba (mix noodles) with all toppings (SGD15.80++) which consists of soft boiled egg, char siew, braised pork and deep fried chicken (we add on a flavourful egg). Mix them up and you can add vinegar or chilli oil to the noodles too.
It feels like bak chor mee, Japanese style and was flavourful and appetizing. But it becomes too porky for me towards the end. Should have chosen the fried chicken one instead.
It also comes with a small cup of chicken broth to sip in-between, and I actually like this soup a lot because it helps to balance out the rich flavour of the noodles. And it's refillable too!
Definitely a place that we will be back again πŸ‘

Saw so many tempting pictures from this stall that we couldn't help but jump on the bandwagon and try it ourselves one evening! Well, seems like many people had the same thought too. So even though it's already 8pm, we still waited for about 30min before we got our seats and started eating.

The noodles were a bit too starchy for my preference, but I know people who enjoy this taste. Nevertheless, i still enjoyed all the side dishes, fried chicken, cha shu, pork, egg - were all really good!


The works - crispy chicken, braised pork belly, charsiew, bamboo shoots with a gloriously wobbly onsen egg to coat those thick, bouncy strands. Added an extra ajitama (molten tamago, $1.50) just 'coz.
Pro tip: Squirt in some la-yu for maximum flavour. #score #kajiken #mazesoba #burpple

Normally i prefer thin noodles for my ramen but this dry ramen with thick noodles surprised me!! All toppings meaning deep fried chicken, braised pork and char siew!! And the wonderfully cooked soft boiled egg (: if u r feeling hungry, free upgrade for a bigger portion of noodles! Yums rating: 4/5