Gashouse Egg with Bacon Jam

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Runny egg and melted cheese on a thick toast served with homemade bacon jam.

Brioche toast with an egg cracked in the middle, together with melted cheese on its sides. It is simple, sweet and savoury yet irresistible. 

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we get to enjoy 2 Main Dish for the price of 1 ✌ (U.P $13)

me and my friend had the gashouse eggs with white cold brews (50cents top up) and paid $10 each :-D

imo coffee was strong enough and the toast tasted good. though ngl was nth special w/o the bacon jam n cld be smth made at home.. bacon jam rly gave the dish the extra oOmfF to make it yum ! 😀

there's rlly not many seats inside so me and my friend waited for q awhile before getting seats since it was hot hot hot outside and we preferred to wait rather than dine outside.

tldr : deal is very worth !! it's small place so go during weekdays

Second time having this! First time I had it, it was very meh (the whole toast felt a bit stale, like it was out for a while) and I wondered why there were all these raving reviews. But I was determined to try it again and this time it was pretty delicious. Runny eggs, warm cheese on a toasted bread is a winning combination. Still not keen on the bacon jam, it’s okay but I wouldn’t mind not having it!

Ordered the gashouse eggs and the baked eggs. Eggs were yummy and worth it with Burpple
Beyond deal. 10/10! ✨✨

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Toast is covered in cheese and a runny egg within. Dish is surprisingly good and is suitable for cheese lovers. However, the bacon jam at the side is not to my liking and is too sweet.

4/5 (ignore the bacon jam)

Tried the gashouse eggs with bacon jam and I was amazed by how flavourful this meal was. The egg just ooze out when you cut the break into half. The bacon jam was unique as it felt like it tasted like "bakkwa".

Tried the all-in breakkie too and was amaze by their scrambled eggs and chorizo.

One of the disappointment was their cold brew (tried both white and black). It was very blend and I could hardly taste the coffee. (-1 star)

Went on a Sunday afternoon, expecting it to be crowded but we got an outdoor table relatively quickly. Ordered the gashouse eggs after seeing Burpple reviews and the candied/caramelised bacon was very yummy. Got the carbonara too but there wasn’t much to shout about - felt like it was lacking some depth. Truffle fries were decent!

The caramelised bacon balanced out the saltiness of the cheese. And the ooze of the egg with the soft bread is a good combination. 👍

The cheese is very good. One of the most satisfying blends I've had, period. It's got the stretchiness, not overmuch, and a nice amount of savouriness too. Pair that up w crispy bread and gooey egg, and it's not hard to see why it's their signature

The bacon jam tasted quite interesting, it's got a bit of spice and rather intense, so eat it w the toast. The mini scone thing was q good too

Not too bad. 1 for 1 with Burpple. However, friend got the gashouse eggs. That, a must try. Will be back for it.