Pork Belly Bowl

$18.00 Β· 8 Reviews

Braised pork belly sushi rice bowl.. Cause that's how all Fridays should roll. #burrple

I had the braised pork belly bowl with sushi rice at $18++, and topped up $5 for a lunch combo with a lemon pie in a cup and cappuccino. A regular lunch combo would be $2 for desert and ice tea. This was a very tasty rice bowl with options of sushi rice, brown rice or quinoa. Everyone at my table loved what they ordered.

Well-cooked pork belly that breaks apart with chopsticks. The dressing for the rice felt a bit sweet though. I prefer the bowls at May May.


Brunch earlier with the gang of Simpletons. ☺️ Love this bunch of girls. May our love for pork and dirty talk never die.

Also, food at Kilo at Pact never fails to hit the spot.

Every component in the rice bowl is damn well made and comes together to taste like damn awesome shizz la. And it's healthyyy 😍😍😍 Got a Yuzu Tai Roll to share with @beaverwoo too - filled with crab meat and tempura crumbs plus snapper fish on top and a nice tangy yuzu sauce all ova #kiloatpact #japanese #fusionfood #eatclean #lunch #omnomnom #onthetable #foodporn #yum #eatoutsg #instafood_sg #burpple

Had the donburi salmon quinoa bowl,pork belly sushi rice bowl & yuzu tai roll

12h pork belly rice bowl which was omgwtfbbq good! #sgfood

Pork belly rice bowl. Fatty goodness hehe so good! #latergram