Crab Benedict

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So here goes my first indulgence after a long semester. Love the generous serving ! #pacamara #crab #eggbenedict #burpple #thomson #sayhellojas #avocado

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When the ocean meets the farm, you get the delectable Crab Benedict ($19.90). Enjoyed their chive hollandaise very much, and found this a good take on the typical eggs ben!

Also had the Duck Confit Hash ($20.90) - shredded duck leg confit on a well fried potato rosti and poached egg with their delicious hollandaise sauce as well! Personally felt the duck confit was slightly too salty, but the crispy rosti definitely compensated for it!

Might be slightly high on the price scale, but worth a visit for those who are looking for more interesting takes on the typical cafe food!

Crab Benedict st @pacamara_sg :)
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Poached eggs on crumbled crab meat served on toasted buns. Cold brew mango tea

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Hollandaise on the side because I'm actually not that into it anymore. The egg yolks were more than sufficient to tie the whole dish together. Not bad, but pricey at nearly $20. After all I'm in Thomson and not town. Pacamara is definitely one of the pricier cafes along Thomson. For this price, my ingredients were not super fresh - the avocado was not the best I've had, it was a little brown.


Ordered their Crab Benedict and Ocean Mac & Cheese, both tasted awesome!

Pacamara never disappoints - this unique, well-balanced dish ($19.90) had a great combination of refreshing flavours. There was a generous amount of shredded crab meat, eggs were beautifully poached and hollandaise sauce was not too heavy. Unfortunately, as the avocado was chilled, the crab meat got cold quite quickly too. Dining at Pacamara is always a pleasant experience not only due to their great food and cafe ambience but also because their staff are just so friendly - today they offered me some filter coffee! I don't usually have my coffee black but I guess I have a new-found appreciation for it now :)

Oh mannnn this Crab Benedict isn't getting enough love!! It's the perfect brunch food for a lazy Sunday! You need to mop up those runny egg yolks with the sweet brioche buns and top it off with some well marinated crab meat. Extremely generous portions and I think it's quite a healthy combination! And please don't get a parking ticket, park at the public car park beside the Chinese temple ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป