Pam D'or

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Dates sponge, butterscotch cream, cream cheese, was expecting something like a sticky date pudding, but did not taste like that. Sweetness is milder, and has texture of a sponge rather than soft of fudgy/molten texture of a date pudding. still a good cake regardless 4/5

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Medjool date sponge cake with cream cheese, butterscotch, and coffee buttercream. The butterscotch/brown butter gave it a nice nutty, caramelly flavor that made the cake really fragrant. The sponge itself was light, moist, and crumbly. While the cakes here never disappoint, the price is a little steep for the average slice.


Foreground: Pam D'or - Medjool date sponge cake with cream cheese and butterscotch with coffee butter cream. Wasn't really into the cakes initially as they were more dense than what I had the last time but it got more and more enjoyable. There's just something about the cake display that keeps me coming back haha.