House Special

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The lucky folks of Taman Desa get to enjoy udon for less than RM10 at this neighbourhood joint. A crowd-favourite is the House Special (RM6.50), where hot or cold udon sits in a delicious soy broth, topped with a runny egg and scallions. For more flavour oomph, throw in a dash of togarashi. Make it a fuller meal with yummy kushiage – the Sweet Potato (RM2.50) and Prawn (RM3.50) are must-orders.

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Ideal for quick and easy lunches! Pretty generous portion of hot udon sitting in soy sauce, topped with an oozy egg and scallions. Tasty on its own, but even better with a dash of togarashi, or chilli paste if spicy is your flavour. Yawns will definitely ensue after as it’s one carb-heavy dish!

U-don need any reason to have a good lunch | A very authentic Japanese udon restaurant operate by Japanese. Price are quite reasonable and their home made udon texture are better than the ordinary one that you get from supermarket.
House Special with Egg and Kakiage is a must to order. Price range between RM3.50 - RM10.50

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Handmade udon that boasts bounce in every bite is the draw at Sanuki Udon, a fulfilling spot for small groups to convene for lunch and dinner alike. Run by no-nonsense Japanese owners, the joint evokes the ambience of Japan's street noodle stalls and serves udon of similarly high standards. The House Special (RM6.50) topped with a runny onsen egg is available hot or cold and if it's a sunny afternoon, the latter is absolute bliss. Come rainy nights, the choice shifts to a warming Curry Udon (RM8.50) that hits the spot with its mellow yet comforting curry gravy. Jazz up your meal with their crisp and juicy Karaage or Fried Chicken (RM5.50 for 3 pieces). Pro tip: Lay on the umami-packed housemade chili oil for a flavour boost!
Avg price per person: RM15
Photo by Burppler Kimberley Ong

First time trying cold udon and I am sold. The egg and the light sauce really blend well to give a really refreshing dish which is a complete opposite to the usual hot udon in soup you get in other Japanese restaurants. The shop is pretty small so you might want to avoid the lunch crowd. Rm6


Handmade udon.. I'm loving it..