Salted Egg Yolk Cronut

RM11.00 · 11 Reviews

Being a sucker for anything salted egg, I decided to try the much talked about salted egg cronut. It’s topped and filled with salted egg sauce which can be a bit heavy if not eaten on an empty stomach. The salted egg sauce is on the sweeter side as it’s meant to be eaten as a dessert.

Here on a weekday after meeting and as usual this place is alway crowded. People are crazy over all sorts of patisserie especially their salted egg cronut which ran out when I arrived. Ordered the sinful Onde-Onde Pandan Cronut that topped with soft serve and coconut flakes.. The flaky pastry was so good but the ice cream is a bit tad sweet for my liking. Overall was quite good. Nicely price at RM11 per serving.

Now, this is one of the dessert pastries that live up to the hype. Limited pieces are baked and is usually sold out by 1pm. This was worth every penny, RM11 to be exact. The salted egg yolk sauce was a perfect balance between savoury and sweet and is light enough for every bite. I usually can never finish anything salted egg yolk base, but this, I could eat the entire thing. I would suggest you to go early to make sure that you get a piece of this super yummy cronut. As for mains, skip out on the eggs benny and the soft shell crab burger is alright too.


Superb marvelously delicious salted egg yolk cronut! Cronut is the combination of croissant and doughnut. This masterpiece from Dotty's is so good that I feel like dancing when I had the 1st bite. The overflowing lava and crunchy flaky base. Oops, I'm feeling hungry again...

Salted egg yolk custard cronut by Dotty's. For RM11, you not only get a decent size cronut topped with salted egg yolk custard, you get more, yes MORE, custard in between the deep fried buttery layers of puff pastry!! It's salted egg yolk custard, what could go wrong?? Take not that they have serve their cronuts according to their scheduled batch due to the constant high demand, so either be mentally prepared to wait for a long time or time your visit there beforehand! Oh my little deep fried bundle of joy, I'll see you soon.


Salted Egg Yolk Cronut was way too oily, but the Strawberry Cheesetart was refreshing and tasty. Customer service was good, the staffs acted really quick so that's definitely a plus point.

On one memorable day that I was over at Dotty's, it was thankfully a weekday. Therefore, it was not as packed as the times I have been there. I finally managed to try the salted egg yolk cronut which became famous on Instagram 😂

Either I was full from my brunch, or it was too much for me, I didn't finish it. I had half of it. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't as magical as I expected it to be. It's worth trying, I wouldn't mind having it again, but I'd probably make space for other desserts first.

This was my second time in Dotty's, and still failed to meet the famous, most talked about legend, the salted egg yolk cronuts. I guess luck just isn't on my side..

The first time I came, I had the baked eggs. Maybe my expectations were too high, it was quite disappointing. The meatballs especially, it tasted funny to me.

The second time, I missed the cronuts again. Not wanting the effort of coming to go to waste, I decided to just have the salted caramel doughnut as well as the salted egg yolk doughnut. It was nice, though it was a bit messy. I wouldn't mind coming back for these.

The current hype in town, due to the Salted Egg Cronut.
The place is pretty, super love the entrance of the shop.
They do have interesting drink menu as well, for an example Donut Latte, Coconut Latte. However my verdict on the food (Didn't take any photos) and pastries is just so-so, especially the salted egg ones. Cronut is oily, I taste sweetness more than any salted egg taste. Prefer the macaroon ones compare to the rest.
If you're interested to try the Salted Egg Cronut (which always sell fast), you may get it at 12pm, 2pm & 4pm on weekdays and 11am, 1pm & 3pm on weekends ;)


The salted egg fever has been striking this town for quite some time and Dotty's (TTDI) tried to come up with Salted Egg Cronuts (RM11)! I love that is not too salty, and there's a generous amount of runny salted egg yolk inside of the cronut which is I'm not expected. I miss their first batch, but they reproduce the second batch at 12pm, and they use first come first serve basis.