Mentai Rice

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Four years on and this casual Japanese eatery in Plaza Damas still rakes in the masses for their famed Mentai Rice (RM19). Look forward to thick slabs of tamago veiled in creamy flamed mentai, which Burppler Joey Tee dubs as "absolutely delicious and addictive". Burppler Carmen Chan recommends pairing it with the Grilled Squid (RM25). Sashimi fans, order the Uokatsu Don (RM29) featuring fresh chunks of sashimi and a handful of seaweed.
Photo by Burppler Joey Tee


This place needs no further introduction! Not sure what was the reason it took me so long for popping by this little nook. The mentai rice was simple was stood out the most among all. Grilled squid was juicy with the right consistency, wasn't rubbery thank God. Only gripe was the price, perhaps? A little too steep. Others might disagree though.

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(Rating:5/5🌟) This place is my favourite place for Japanese casual meal. Absolutely delicious and addictive. Mentai Rice (rm19) Basically Pollock roe, the salted roe of Alaska Pollock on tamago on a bed of rice. Simply and yet delicious! I completely fell in love with this dish 😍 Grilled whole Japanese squid (rm24) was good as well. Teriyaki cod (rm50+) medium size was not bad but not worth the price.

My favourite mentai rice, with lots and lots of cabbage and sashimi. .
You will be surprised by the crowd here... and then you think: strategic location is not really important, if your food is real good.
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A usual Uokatsu staple for most visitors - fluffy Japanese rice with mentai covered tamago. Pricey for such a small bowl but oh so delicious.

Love the mentaiko tamago rice! So pricey though for a small portion. Must be enjoyed slowly 🤤 Squid was good too!


Not quite an izakaya yet not just a purveyor of fresh fish, Uokatsu in Plaza Damas offers a relatively frills-free experience replete with air-flown Japanese seafood. Whether it’s the delicious grilled squid with its own guts as a dipping sauce or off-cuts like braised tuna tail, there’s always something left-field to catch the eye. On our visit, we had the Salmon Ikura Don (RM35), fresh and vibrant with the salmon roe popping on the tongue. Not to be outdone, the Maguro Don (RM30) came with ruby red slices of tuna, marinated so as to draw out the depth of their oceanic flavour and garnished with spring onions for that vegetale bite. We hear great things about their Tai Meshi Don (seabream, RM30) and their Mentai Rice (RM18) so we’re due for a return trip very soon.
Avg price per bowl: RM30

The portion of the salmon rice bowl is tiny and served on a bed of warm rice. Potato salad was mediocre, love the Onsen Egg though. Price at RM52. Not worth trying.

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Uokatsu was opened three years ago by Tomono-san, a Hokkaido local who sources fresh seafood from family back home, and the fish market-style restaurant has been a hit since. Cut back on frills and take your partner here for an honest-to-goodness lunch! For sashimi specials, look to the menu for the popular Botan Ebi (RM19), sweet succulent shrimp, and the Hamachi "Yellowtail" (RM30) — both are almost never found with such affordable price tags. Tomono-san's Malaysian wife Winnie also recommends their Homemade Air Dry Saba (from RM20). The mackerel is fattier than its regular counterpart, and boasts a juicy, piquant flavour that will go well with rice, which brings us to the Mentai Rice (RM18). A must-order here, the rice bowl is topped with three thick tamago pieces that sees a slightly charred mentai top. The small establishment seats a maximum of 20 so come early before the lunch hour rush to snag a table.
Avg price per person: RM40
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Alyssia Yu