Affogato With Chocolate Soft Serve

RM15.00 · 4 Reviews

Located in an area abuzz with restaurants and cafes, Soft Launch banks on its simple aesthetics, feel-good food and delicious desserts to tempt. Judging from the constant crowd, it works! Whether you want to spend quality time with a close friend or bond with the gang, here's a nice little nook to do it. The Chicken Waffles (RM18) are great for both lunch and dinner — moreish chicken tenders served next to the fluffiest scrambled eggs on top of a warm waffle. As if to balance out the uber flavourful chicken, the eggs are lightly seasoned so feel free to jazz it up with the side of maple syrup. There is a special feeling that comes from sharing a sweet treat with friends and you will find it in the Affogato with Chocolate Soft Serve (RM15) that offers bittersweet lusciousness.
Avg price per person: RM30
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Kaelyn

Affogato wit Chocolate SoftServe, this is nice. The chocolate SoftServe is very rich, and it really goes well wit Espresso | RM15