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Maguro Yukke

$12.00 · 13 Reviews

The food is really good and love the ambience here. Good place to unwind after work (it’s located in the middle of the CBD!) Wide range of food - all high quality stuff. Highly recommend the Maguro Yukkee (yellowfin tuna sashimi with raw quail egg)! Would love to try the Sakae the next time I come.


Yellowfin tuna sashimi w raw quail egg, tossed in sesame oil and spicy oil

They pride themselves in their home made recipes which are pretty unique and tastes good - Things like their gyu ponzu, Maguro yukke, and squid in squid ink tempura (ika kuro-age)! I also loved their Oden, and how flavourful the Daikon and the soup was :) the a4 wagyu beef stick is as good as the ones I had in Japan too!! Must order! The owners are passionate about their izakaya, and don't hesitate to ask them for recommendations

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Loved that the izakaya food is filling and the drinks are affordable! Sapporo draft beer for $5.50 for 330ml. My fav top dishes would be the aburi shimesaba $14, maguro yukke $13 and the wagyu beef skewer $9.50! Reservations are highly recommended as it was 75-90% full when I was there for dinner on a Monday night! #burpple

This homegrown spot has come a long way in crafting that authentic izakaya experience. Come with friends to share a big bottle of house sake ($138 for 1.8L) and order these for a surefire win: fresh Maguro Yukke ($12) with a splash of sesame and chilli oil, the creamy, mentaiko-loaded Rosti Mentai ($8) and the always good Chef Selection Skewers ($18 for five skewers).
Photo by Burppler Kay L

I’m a repeated customer and this gastropub is truly impressive. Huge shoutout to Mario, one of the friendliest owners I’ve ever met, highly recommended to us the top winning dishes for the night.

My friend and I ordered a total of 9 dishes with sake pairings, and I must say, the Tochugi Wagyu A4 Ribloin (steak beef skewer) certainly takes the cake. Very well marbled, tender and truly melts in my mouth with each bite. Their Maguro Yukke (sashimi grade bluefin tuna) served with a quail egg was also very refreshing and mouthwatering.

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Must try: Gyu Ponzu, Squid Ink Calamari, Pork Jowl Charshu, Maguro Yukke, Mentaiko Aburi Sushi & Kushiyaki Skewers

Pair the sake with everything. I travel to Japan a lot and I'll vouch for the sake selection and pairings over here, they know what they're doing! It’s served in special wine glasses so you get more of the delicate aromas from modern sake production methods. They support the Jizake Movement at this place, which is sort of a conservation effort to save craft sake in Japan and it always boggles my mind that more people don’t drink Sake in Singapore, it’s at such a perfect price point. I recommend the Kikuzakari, a sweet-dry hybrid Sake from Nagano.

Pretty much all the food here goes perfectly with a glass of sake. I’d choose the Gyu Ponzu to highlight this signature citrus lift that mixes with the juices from the chilled and tender beef- the flavour just pops.
The sushi here is excellent as well, the Mentaiko Aburi Sushi was blowtorched to perfection, with none of the usual butane aftertaste. The rice was firm, warm and seasoned beautifully.

I can’t recommend the Squid Ink Calamari enough. It’s beautiful to look it as well as cooked to tender, buttery perfection. There’s a slight iron flavour from the ink that just coats your tongue like a hug. It honestly barely needed the mayo they served it with and the batter… I’ve been to specialist tempura shops in Tokyo’s CBD and this is the best tempura I’ve had in my life.

Izakayas are places you go to pre-game in Japan so of course, there’s $53 Sapporo towers. I stuck to Sake but almost every other table seemed to think a tower was a great idea and it did seem to lift their mood. The place is happening la. Stop scrolling, just go only.

The tuna was fresh, but the star was definitely the umami dressing. We poured the sauce into our rice and even dipped our yakitori into the sauce 🤦🏻‍♀️
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Shukuu is a hidden gem conveniently located in the CBD. The small, quaint and wooden furnishings reminded me of Japan, momentarily forgetting about the hustle and bustle of being in the city.
Tried a variety of food dishes, but my favourites were the maguro yukke, kani gratin and the oden. The maguro yuuke was nicely seasoned with sesame oil and melted in the mouth. Fans of mentaiko (like yours truly) will enjoy the kani gratin dish came in a cute little crab shell and a whole lot of mentaiko sauce. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the initially unidentified chewy objects in the kani gratin dish were bits of macaroni, which added texture to the dish. I enjoyed the oden which was lightly flavoured (see if you can spot the money bag in the dish) and heartwarming.
Ordered the barley shochu this time, but will definitely be back to try their sake next time.

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Went to ShuKuu over the weekend and it was crowded by 8pm, so be sure to go earlier to secure table seats. Try the maguro yukke (marinated tuna in sesame and chilli oil; $13) and gyu ponzu (beef slices in ponzu sauce; $7). Amazing!

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