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YangNyum Chicken Wings

$12.00 ยท 3 Reviews

Located on the first floor of Century Square, Chicken Up serves Korean fried chicken and superb bar snacks, and is great for a casual meal with friends. Aside from their finger-licking good YangNyum Chicken Wings ($12 for four), what you should really be coming for are the Bulgogi Fries ($12). Buried below the nest of golden fries are tender, bite-sized soy marinated beef, ready to be mopped up by the nicely browned frites. To seal the deal, the heaping pile is then topped with a generous amount of mayonnaise and onions. Feeling thirsty? Order a Watermelon Soju ($38) โ€” an enormous halved watermelon filled to the brim with watermelon juice and soju โ€” to share. Daebak!
Photo by Burppler Elaine Koh

Newly opened Korean chicken place at tamp! Went to try their Yangnyum chicken which is fried chicken covered with their sweet Korean sauce with sesame seeds. Ordered half a chicken to share. Happiness!!!