Bak Chor Mee (#01-77, Ah Seng)

5 Reviews

$2.50 for this perfect bowl of mee pok. The noodles and chewy. Sauce is just right and generous amount of ingredients considering it's only $2.50.

Saturday afternoon, after a long and painful ballet class, I need something to perk me up! And this BCM certainly did just so. Just with the right consistency of done-ness in the springy Mee pok, and well balanced of vinegar and spice. But honestly the star were those balls. Hand-made and beautiful, the ball have the good bite to it, meaty while still maintain that QQ-ness of a fishball. Seeing the store owner hunching over a bowl of minced meat, delicately making the meatball says it all. Kinda regretted not buying a huge bowl of just those meatballs.

一不做二不休, I'm back to look for Ah Seng Bcm again.. Think I'm addicted to the meatballs.. #againandagain #一错再错