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Dark Chocolate Cake

$39.80 · 6 Reviews

The cake layers are so thin and the dark chocolate cream layers are so thick and rich!! 🍫 So sinfully delicious 🤤


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Disappointed by the lack of darkness in this chocolate cake. No bittersweetness, no chocolatey goodness

Love it not so sweet and not so bitter too. Rich dark chocolate.

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Dark chocolate cake, $8.80- good!! I love it!

👶🏼 &what's a birthday celebration without cake?! We got cake from @chocolateorigin which was sooooo good, I could secretly have it all to myself. The layers of dark chocolate fudge & sponge cake sat so well side by side & was coated with even more chocolate! They blended so well in merriment, it was a party in my belly!

Free 1,000 scoops of dark chocolate gelato at @chocolateorigin in @BugisJunctionXBugisPlus

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