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Raspberry Tropic Superfood Smoothie Bowl

$6.00 · 5 Reviews

Made with a blend of banana and soy milk, you will find A Poke Theory’s range of Superfood Smoothie Bowls miles apart from the sugar packed version. A great alternative to ice cream that are loaded with the bad stuff, their rendition not just caters to the health fanatics, as I am definitely not one. Having the Raspberry Tropic ($6.00), the added element of raspberries gave a nice tartness (as well as colour) to the banana-y bowl which tasted pretty good together and had great textures along with all the other toppings - pomegranate, mango, crunchy coconut chips, and sunflower seeds. Reminding me of nice cream, the consistency of this natural fruit flavour combination was smoother and makes for a fantastic treat.


The base is made of raspberry, banana and soy milk. Topped with pomegranate, mango, coconut crisps and sunflower seeds. I am usually not a fan of sour desserts, so more banana might do the trick here?
A Poke Theory
27 Boon Tat Street
Opening Hours
Weekdays : 11AM – 6PM
Saturdays : 10AM – 4PM
Closed Sundays
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While I enjoyed the foolproof marriage of chocolate and banana in Cacaoholic ($6), I ended up liking this one more.
Raspberry, banana and soy milk may sound like a weird combination, but this worked (mostly because it was predominantly raspberry, me thinks). There was just enough banana to tame the berry's tanginess without tipping the flavour too much, while the soy milk taste could not even be detected, which is probably a good thing in this case.

My weakness for mango and popping pomegranate arils possibly contributed to my fondness for this, and then there's the coconut chips and sunflower seeds that added a lovely texture!

A Poke Theory doesn't just stop at serving Poke Bowls; they also serve Superfood Smoothie Bowls which you can also go for if you are craving for a sweet yet healthy treat after your meal. Think of these as unsweetened smoothies that is served the same way as an Acai Bowl — this one has Banana, Raspberry, Soy Milk mixed with toppings such as pomegranate, coconut chips and sunflower seeds. The tart flavours of the raspberry gets a little sweetened by the bananas — the entire bowl though felt pretty much guiltless for you don't really taste much of any added sugar; just the sweetness and flavours of the fruits. The toppings help add different dimensions of flavour, and the sunflower seeds definitely gives it a little bit of crunch!