Carrot Cake & Oyster Omelette (#01-28, Heng Carrot Cake)

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We also heard about Heng Carrot Cake, another iconic stall at Newton Food Centre which is on the Michelin Bib Gourmand. The stall offers both the white and black versions of carrot cake, and we went with the black version as we like the dark soya sauce.

We got a small $4 plate and the one thing that caught our eye was the really generous serving of fried eggs in this carrot cake dish. The proportion of eggs to carrot cake is almost close to 50:50 so this should be a go-to for those of us who love a lot of eggs with our carrot cake. We also think it is a good choice to go for the spicy version (if you are not afraid of spicy food) as we felt the carrot cake alone would be somewhat tasteless, and the spice adds a pretty nice flavour to the dish. That being said, the $4 serving is a little small for two persons in our opinion, and you might want to pay more if this is going to be your main dish.

One downside, however, is that this stall is really popular and you need to be prepared to wait really long for your food to be ready. We waited almost half an hour for our carrot cake but thankfully, we ordered other dishes in the meantime as well. 😅😅 Aside from that, the carrot cake was pretty great and we would be happy to try other dishes at the stall (such as their fried oyster)!

Whether you dine in or take away (like above), their Carrot cake is always super aromatic paired with a spicy chilli and generous amouts of eggs. I personally like to amp it up even more by asking for extra egg and chilli. Don't forget to get the shrimp included, it's akin to digging for delicious treasure.

When it’s late and you’re craving to indulge, Newton Food Centre is your one-stop supper solution. Although this hawker centre is famous for its BBQ seafood stalls, it actually presents a chance to savour a wide variety of hawker dishes. Begin the feast with a plate of Fried Oyster Omelette (from $6) at Hup Kee Oyster Omelette (#01-73). Previously run by a hawker icon, Hup Kee’s reigns have now been taken over by his son, but still produces the same crispy, eggy and slightly starchy omelette coupled with plump and fresh oysters that it’s famous for. Be sure to dunk your omelette pieces in the provided chilli sauce. A fan of duck meat? Then you’ll be glad to know that Kwee Heng (#01-13) opens till late as well. With over 50 years of history, this stall is especially famous for its Dried Duck Noodles (from $4). Opt between having thick yellow noodles or kway teow (flat rice noodles). The dish is then tossed in a fragrant light sauce together with lard and accompanied by umami, tender pieces of expertly braised duck meat. End the meal with Fried Carrot Cake (from $4) from Heng Carrot Cake (#01-28). This stall has been around ever since the hawker centre was first built in 1971, and maintains the tradition of making their carrot cakes from scratch daily. Give both their white and black versions a try, as both have been said to be equally as delicious.
Photos by Burpplers Alex Chua, I Makan SG and Burpple Tastemaker Steve G