Kohaku Tendon Spicy Flavour

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I expected it to taste greasy and was ready to embrace it but no!! It was happiness in every bite. Got to taste the layers of flavours trapped in each tempura which was completed by the slightly sweet drizzle of the non-spicy sauce.

The multigrain rice was really tasty itself that I had to add on another bowl🙈🙈

I felt so thankful after this meal☺️

Now I understand why this is so highly raves about. You get an assortment of tempura- vegetable, seafood, meat and fish at the price of $15. What more can you ask for? I particularly enjoyed the mushroom and the prawn. The flavours are locked in and one bite into it you can taste that sweetness and saltiness all rolled into one. The spicy sauce just completes the whole meal and now your tongue is dancing with joy. Need I say more? You should definitely give this a shot.

Everything about this dish is on point, from the texture of the rice to the flavours of the sauce to the individual ingredients themselves! Staff are friendly too(: only felt that it could be a little more crispy! And perhaps let us have the spicy sauce in a bottle on the table so we can add more of the yummy spicy sauce to our dish if we want to!

From 6-8 July, @kohakutendon has launched an exclusive tendon that is offered at just $10++ for the first 200 customers daily. Headed there around 11am (30 minutes before the opening time) and managed to be the 6th in line! ✌🏻. Thank goodness I did not queue for long as the wait wasn’t worthwhile after all. Paling in comparison to the Chinatown branch which I had visited twice, the batter here felt thicker and drier, though it still retained a crispy texture. Furthermore, the tempura battered ingredients were served just slightly warm, instead of hot as what I have experienced at the Chinatown branch. Perhaps the chef had prepared them in big batches to beat the crowd? 😏 . Opted for multigrain mixed rice and spicy tendon sauce which WAS NOT SPICY AT ALL. So lacking greatly in spice that I have to spam the side of chilli powder provided. Comprising of Anago (eel), King crabstick, Prawn, Sillaginoid (fish), Enoki mushroom, Baby Corn and French bean, the tendon is dusted with golden powder for a glittery, shiny appearance (which had no effect to the flavour afterall). My favourite element got to be the prawn that was fresh, plump and juicy. My longest anticipation for this tendon was actually the Anago, which is the biggest and longest element here. Unfortunately, my anticipation for it turned out to be a disappointment, with the eel being dry and lacking marination, requiring the constant need for me to add on the side of tendon sauce provided. Hopefully @kohakutendon can be more consistent with their standard across all branches as otherwise I might just strike it off from my #1 list of tendons👋🏻 .
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Last time I wanted to try it there was such a long queue my brother was all grumpy he didn’t wanna wait so we ended up eating something else. This time we went around 5.45 and there wasn’t a queue at all!!!!! YAY. So I got the seasonal tendon and Ian got the spicy tendon set. Mine was all seafood and there was a strong seaweed taste which I quite like, but the tempura was a little bit soggy (and I ate it almost immediately?!? Only took a while to take pix Bc I was so hungry lol). The batter didn’t rly stick to the meat as well, my scallops just ploped out of the tempura batter and my rice could do with more sauce. I thought I ordered some 16 multi grain rice but all I saw was just brown rice??? Was kinda disappointed abt that lol. I’d say for the price it’s worth it la Bc they’re q generous with the serving but I’ve definitely had better tempura🍤 #burpple

Super yummy
No queue before 6pm


Need no intro! One of the best tendon in Singapore. Still queuing after opening for so many months.

Love their spicy version. Tried the Tanjong Pagar one too and this is still no. 1 on my list! TG no. 2! Won't go wrong with any of these two.

The kohaku spicy tendon at suntec is pretty interesting and relatively tasty. I queued 1 hour for it which is probably due to the slightly dispassionate staff. I found the tendons to be fried well and patted dry of the oil before serving. The chilli definitely helps in making the meal much tastier. It also helps that the food is pretty affordable for restaurant food.

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Don't really understand what's the craze about. I guess the presentation was pretty cool but the bowl definitely didnt taste as cool as it looked:/ The batter was so thick that it felt off the ingredients inside when picked up. The drizzling of sauce also lacked consistency because my rice was so dry without any sauce while my boyf's soaked through:( (though I know that I could add the sauce myself but still..😨) The ingredients lacked seasoning as well:/ We weren't the only ones disturbed by the food. The patrons sharing the same table of 6 as us were upset about it too when complaints could be heard with every bite? Very disappointing as we had been looking forward to trying it for some time.
Definitely not gonna recommend to anyone. Tendon Ginza Ituski is still the best in my honest opinion:)