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60 Degree Chicken Breast

$17.90 · 25 Reviews

Chicken Breast / Corn / Mashed Potato / Hazelnut Foam. I LOVE THIS DISH. No doubt my favourite dish at Wheeler’s Yard. The chicken is extremely tender, paired with smooth and tasty mashed potato and hazelnut foam. Da bomb! I’ll surely return here for this again!

Interesting way of preparing a chicken breast as they used hazelnut foam as the sauce together with mash potatoes. While design is good, food was just slightly above average.. doubt will visit again

We used our Burpple one for one for 2 sets of the 60 degree chicken breast, with iced lemon tea (about $13 each)! Presentation of the dish definitely stole the show, with hazelnuts and petals all around making it especially aesthetically pleasing.

We loved the mashed potatoes that were whipped to such a smooth consistency and the foamy milk thing that came along with it. The chicken breast itself was not too bad!

The chicken felt a little too stiff given how it's cooked sous vide. It was also a little dry but the mash potatoes and corn on the side made up for it.

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• 60 degrees chicken breast


Are you a chicken thigh or chicken breast lover? I am a chicken thigh lover as I feel it is less dry. I am glad that the 60 Degrees Celsius CHICKEN BREAST S$17.90 by @wheelersyard is quite tender and a bit moist.
They cook their chicken breast with Sous vide cooking style. No wonder it is not dry. Sous vide is a cooking method by placing the food in a plastic pouch or a glass jar in a water bath at an accurately regulated temperature. The grilled butter corn, roasted hazelnut, shio konbu, homemade mashed potato are great complements.
The presentation is awesome. It is like a delicious and beautiful garden indeed! A nice cozy hidden gem at Balestier!
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The type of food for the diet-conscious - chicken breast patty and a side of homemade mashed potatoes, mixed in with grilled corn for that extra crunch. Chicken breast meat is usually quite tasteless, but the mashed potatoes, shio konbu and roasted hazelnut toppings balanced out the taste palette and made the healthy meal a tasty one.


I had initially ordered it because of the aesthetics, but it proved to be not only pleasing to the eye, but also to my tastebuds.
The chicken breast is cooked sous vide and was really tender. The homemade mashed potatoes had a nice smooth consistency and was far from plain tasting, especially when paired with the many accompaniments such as the butter corn and roasted hazelnuts, which also provided a nice crunch contrasting the smooth texture of the mash.

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The 60°C Chicken Breast ($17.90) may not be the feistiest or the most sensational item on the menu, but let me tell you why it is no plain Jane.

You're not wrong to think of this as a healthy dose of protein and carbs. Remarkably tender chicken breast (having been sous vide and lightly grilled) sit atop silky mashed potato and shio konbu foam. The addition of grilled corn and roasted hazelnuts add a nutty, buttery and overall decadent touch.

While the olive oil could've been left out, that alone doesn't warrant a complaint.

The lack of big and bold flavours is clearly not a weakness here, as this unassuming dish is a "Wheeler's Recommendation" in its own right.


This is a starter one wouldn't commonly find on café menus - crispy whole shishamo ($10.90) with homemade mentaiko sauce for dipping.

The cloying richness of the mentaiko sauce did get to me after a while, but I'll admit I had fun incorporating it into my main dish (specifically the mashed potato from the 60°C Chicken Breast).

A slightly more unconventional alternative to, say, truffle fries or calamari, and it's an opportunity for older kids or extremely picky eaters to step out of their comfort zones and into the "aquatic realm".