60 Degree Chicken Breast

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Dined here on a rainy Thursday night and the place was quiet and cosy. The menu link on the Burrple redemption page is broken so I just thought to mention that there are 3 main dish options for the set menu — Sous Vide Chicken Breast, Porky Bowl and Seafood Aglio Olio, with 2 beverage options, being Ginger Lemonade and Iced Lemon Tea.

Boy: Chicken Breast (UP: $18.90). Found the chicken tender and the mash potato a pleasant homemade touch. Said the mash was very creamy, with peanuts that give it some added nuances. Overall 8/10.

Girl: Porky Bowl (UP: 17.90). It was a nice don-like rice bowl, laden with a thick egg omelette and bacon. Sweet sauce infused with the rice gives it a Japanese flavor. Whilst serving is large, I would say it's mostly an Eggy bowl. Bacon serving was rather small and it was mostly egg + rice. Would rate 7/10.

Verdict: nice ambience and decent food, but both Boy and Girl agree that the overall 7.5/10 rating is valid because of the Burrple deal. Would otherwise be lower if we were paying full price. Still worth a try if you are around the vicinity! Also note; cost for set was $28.25 after taxes.

The sous vide chicken breast was tender and not too dry. It went well with the mashed potato and hazelnut milk foam - all the tastes in this dish were quite mild and gentle, allowing you to appreciate the taste of the chicken better, which I liked. The plating is quite pleasant as well.

Atmosphere of the cafe was great, it was bustling and there were bicycles everywhere. There’s free parking right outside the cafe if you’re driving.

Our family of three visited on a Sunday afternoon, and waited about 15 minutes to get a seat. We used the Burpple Set deal ($24, and $28.25 after GST) which consists of 2 mains and 2 drinks of extremely limited choices - do look at the menu on Beyond before you decide on the set as there aren’t many food/drink options.

super tender chicken breast atop a bed of silky smooth mash and grilled corn on the side!

umami beef on Japanese rice with braised daikon and a jiggly onsen egg in the middle.

would definitely return!

Was hesitant to order this as I am afraid that the chicken breast will turn out to be dry and tough. Amazingly, the chicken breast was really tender and goes very well with the smooth and creamy mashed potatoes. A unique point was the addition of hazelnuts to add a crunchy nutty flavor. To add a final touch to its aesthetics, the dish was decorated with a floral petal.

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Tried all 3 mains (60° Chicken Breast, Porky Bowl and Seafood Aglio Olio)

- 60° Chicken Breast is really good and paired well with the mash.
- Porky Bowl is similar to the Japanese oyako don that we are familiar with, but with an additional twist with bacon
- Seafood Aglio Olio is well cooked with the spaghetti just right

love the cosy environment and vibes of the cafe, a great place to chill and catch up with friends!


second set meal we got was the 60 degrees chicken breast. if you think chicken breast is tough and the worst part of the chicken to eat, wheeler’s yard will challenge that - the sous vide chicken is the most tender I have tasted so far, and the mashed potatoes laid below the meat with some lightly buttered corn by the side make this option for dinner both healthy and tasty. motivates even the laziest of us to eat well and be well:p

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$24++ for Mains + Drinks

Ordered the 60° Chicken Breast + Iced Lemon Tea and Seafood Aglio Olio + Ginger Lemonade

The Chicken Breast was perfectly cooked and tender. It was paired well with smooth mashed potato sides and some corn. Also, beautifully decorated with a flower for visual aesthetics.

The Seafood Aglio Olio was perfectly seasoned with generous ingredient toppings. Overall a savoury dish I really enjoyed with a burst of flavours.

Nothing amazing about the drinks. Just that the ginger lemonade was an interesting concoction for those who love zesty flavours.

Total Bill: $25.68

Service was great.
But food wasn't
Ordered BBQ ribs, too sweet
Pork bowl, very little shredded pork meat fried with eggs (oily)
Chicken breast was slightly tough, lacks taste.

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ordered the 60° chicken breast [$18.90] and the porky bowl [$17.80] the chicken was super tender and very soft ☺️ porky bowl was just like another pork don and the serving was generous 🐷 unique hipsterish ambience ,, only downside about this place is that some chairs are really dirty and old :/ also wish bb gave a wider variety for the deals ahhh

Because my brother-in-law picked up the food from Wheeler’s Yard himself, he got a 20% discount. And that translated to a tidy amount of savings since he settled the bill for our whole family at home.

The choice of the men was the bestselling “Suki Beef Rice Bowl” ($19.90 before discount) and they very much enjoyed the sliced oyster blade steak in housemade sukiyaki sauce. It’s served with an onsen egg and braised daikon (Japanese radish) on Japanese rice embellished in shio kombu and seasame seeds.

While my niece got the healthy “60 Degree Chicken Breast” ($18.90 before discount), a large piece of very tenderly-cooked protein on housemade potato mash accompanied by grilled butter corn, roasted hazelnuts and shio konbu, I opted for my all-time favourite, the “Vegetable Rice Bowl” ($15.90 before discount). The fresh-tasting, Japanese-inspired creation has never failed to satisfy me with its base of Japanese rice drizzled in a sweetish sauce and the silken tofu, mushrooms and assorted vegetables heaped on top. The lovely flavours and textures from the juicy “bok choy”, sweet and smoky roasted corn kernels, crisp haricots verts (they’re the skinny French beans you find mostly served at fine dining restaurants) and the aforementioned braised daikon are what I love most about it.

My brother-in-law also added two side dishes for us to share: the very addictive beer-battered, crunchy-fried Furikake Cauliflower ($7.90 before discount) and a Glazed Sweet Potatoes that featured a housemade yuzu soy sauce ($5.90 before discount). We gobbled both of them up along with everything else in no time at all.

If you like well-executed tasty dishes that are superb value-for-money, please click on the link in @wheelersyard bio on Instagram to order.

They do FREE ISLANDWIDE DELIVERY too if you prefer to #stayhomesg.