Finger Lickin' Chicken

$11.90 · 3 Reviews

This crispy babies are lightly battered, allowing you to have a bite more from the meat (which is juicy. Plus point for splitting the mid wings into two, making nibbling so much easier. And that dipping sauce is seriously sedap. Made from scratch, from four type of Chili, it's have that pow-wow kick while a small tiny hint of sweetness. My kind of Chili, that I swear goes well with anything. Very local, very delicious.


Indeed Finger Lickin' Chicken these are; using mid-wings for the fried chicken it is marinated with a couple of spices as well as potato starch to help soften the chicken meat to make it tender. The meat falls off from the bones easily, and the batter was crisp without being overly thick. The chili dip on the side is made with a mix of three different types of chili as well as Tabasco — certainly gives the mid-wings a flavourful punch with its moderate level of spiciness!


Crispy, crunchy chicken wings served with home-made Thai chilli sauce can do no wrong. Reminiscent of "har jeong gai", this truly lived up to its name.