Hoji Tea

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This quaint little tea salon located in the heart of Damansara Uptown vicinity is an amazing escape from the bustling traffic that you would experience the moment you enter their doors.. As the whole salon isn't big in terms of space but it's petite space gives you a strong Japanese aura and zen vibe that somehow calms you down and it's music is really calming as well. The menu is quite concise with detailed items ranging from their teas, coffees to beautiful little dessert and also savoury onigiri! Not to forget; they do have a set lunch including drinks for RM20.. Their interior set up do reminiscent of a Japanese sushi bar with its counter that is like an omakase about to happen but in this case it's the showcase on the art of brewing tea that takes the spotlight.. The tea that I tried today is Hoji Tea (RM10) and you are given 3 cups as they want you to fully appreciate the tea flavours and body without compromising on its quality. The Hoji Tea is carefully brewed by their staff and it's does have a strong yet fragrant toasty aroma,nuttiness and a hint of roasted brown rice on the palate with a medium body that compliments well the desserts or your savoury meal.. To pair with this medium bodied yet well balanced tea is the Daifuku strawberry (RM5) which is their best seller, they do have other types as well.. The daifuku is really delicious and not overly sweet as it has a smooth and chewy outer skin of Mochi that covers the strawberry like a second skin and in between that is the thin coating of azuki (red bean) paste that just lifts up the strawberry sourish nature with it's sweet yet smooth and fine paste.. Really delicious tea time treat!

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Smack in the middle of the bustling Damansara Uptown sits a zen Japanese tea press room, where tea-brewing is treated as a serious craft. With a tea room established in Shibuya, the owners are passionate about bringing the joys of Japanese tea to Malaysians. Expect green teas and hoji teas (RM10-12), including their espresso forms (think super kao matcha!). The clean lines and zen vibes demand that you relax, and sip your tea as you enjoy the lovely tea presentation at the approachable bar. Drop by alone to unwind, or come by with a friend to experience how tea is brewed Japanese way. They also serve lovely bites such as the sweet Daifuku, a traditional rice cake, or mochi, served with strawberries, or the Sakura Mochi (both RM5), a sticky rice cake served in an edible cherry blossom leaf to accompany your tea.