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Orh Nee

$4.50 · 13 Reviews

Orh nee ($4+ per portion), a must-order on every visit to Chui Huay Lim. Smooth and roch without being overly rich. Other must-try dishes include the orh luak and fried kway teow. Classic teochew dining at its most refined. For special gatherings, you can even request for a private room with karaoke set, if you call in to reserve early enough!!

This average sized lobster was fresh and really yummy! They can prepare it in a few ways - steamed with chinese wine, steamed with egg, amongst others.

Generally, my family loves this restaurant because it's homely and reasonably priced! It is a teochew restaurant so if you are a fan of orh nee, be sure to try that out too! (The ngoh hiong and oyster omelette is super yums too)

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2️⃣Homemade Fish Balls and Fish Cake Braised with ‘Tianjin’ Cabbage in Superior Broth.
3️⃣Threadfin Steamed with ‘Jinhua’ Ham and Ginger.
4️⃣Fish Maw, Chicken Fillet and Marinated Mushrooms Braised in Rich Brown Sauce
5️⃣King Prawns Braised with Glass Vermicelli in Claypot Teochew Style
6️⃣Whole Chicken Stuffed with Pig’s Stomach Braised in Peppery Broth
7️⃣Cold Crab with Chinese Wine
While this dish isn't the simplest of meals to prepare, the rolls are first steamed and then deep fried before tossed in sweet and sour sauce. The tender pork belly is wrapped in a crust that remained crispy and not soggy with a sweet and sour punch. The crisp batter is thin that you can see the meat through it.
Crispy Fried Pork Belly and Water Chestnut Rolls is priced from S$18 (small). .
That's in addition to the restaurant's signature dishes including Chui Huay Lim Teochew Cuisine Classic Platter, Teochew Fried Kway Teow, Sweet Yam Paste with Pumpkin and more! .
Limited edition menu is available from now to 30 Nov 2018.
Thanks shootandspoon for the invite.
Where to dine?
Chui Huay Lim Teochew Cuisine
190 Keng Lee Rd 01-02 Chui Huay Lim Club, 308409

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For dessert, I love their orh nee with pumpkin and gingko without coconut milk. It tastes so nice. One bowl is $5.20. This is the best orh nee out there. Not too mashy or sticky. Not too dry or wet. Not too oily too. It is just right. Perfecto.

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not a teochew restaurant if it does not serve you orh nee. chui huay lin definitely serves up a better bowl of orh nee. this cny's variant with hashima


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