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Claypot Golden Chicken

$10.00 ยท 2 Reviews

We were fortunate to reach the restaurant early: it was full house after 6.30pm and people were told that they have to wait at least 30 minutes before there will be seats.

We ordered 2 of their signature dishes: fried mee goreng (pictured) and the claypot chicken. The fried mee goreng was fried with peanut sauce which reminds me of mee rebus. The peanut gravy, wok hei and spicy flavours together makes this dish very delicious and palatable. The claypot chicken was cooked with curried leaves and tomato gravy of sweet and sour pork. Both dishes were outstanding and we definitely will come back for more.

YUM. A crowd pleaser for sure, the chicken bites are battered and fried before being doused in an irresistible sauce. Loved the comfort of this restaurant, it's really zi char but in air con, friendly service and above average food, perfect for family meals!