Chargrilled Iberico Pork Belly

$32.00 · 4 Reviews

Smoked iberico pork belly
If i have to be honest i was rather bummed out by the portion. However, the pork was really well executed with an crispy exterior and a supremely tender interior. Goes really well with a sauce too which is slightly sour to cut through the fattiness. Carrot noodle was pretty decent as well.

Essentially a hot, steaming and incredibly soft, moist and fatty porcine kiss with copious amounts of porky juice slobber involved, and the type of experience you would reminisce about wistfully as you stare outside into the torrential rain, thinking about whether other pork bellies would provide the same comfort as his touch, which you lost far too soon. 4.4/5

PS Every dish I had at Botanico was perfection, and I could not find anything to nitpick about even when I put on my thorniest bitchcap on. However, the most distinctive feature of Botanico is their outdoors and air-conditioned area (?!?!), which makes you feel like it's chilly hot and humid Singapore. An amazing experience that demands your notice and attention.