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Sashimi Rice Bowl

$16.90 · 4 Reviews

Had my dinner in the office before heading to the gym. 💪Highly recommending this place, this is actually my frequent salad stop. Haha.. they are quite generous with their servings. And most importantly, the salad looks good aesthetically and taste great as well!

Today's pick:
Base: Chopped Broccoli & Cauliflower : S$ 2
Protein: Salmon Sashimi: S$ 6
Sides: Sous Vide Egg: S$ 1.50
Sides: Kimichi: S$ 1.50
Dressing: Wafu
Total bill: S$ 11

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This salad chain (they have five outlets in the CBD and city area) is a reliable option when you're attempting to #eatclean. While the other four outlets at Asia Square, One Raffles Place, International Plaza and Raffles City focuses on soba, the one at Republic Plaza dishes out hearty rice bowls alongside DIY salads. Instead of paying a fixed amount and choosing the items to go into your salad, Wheat charges according to the ingredients picked, so you can exercise more flexibility in customising your salad while keeping to your budget. Baby Spinach ($3) and Chopped Broccoli and Cauliflower ($2) are great as bases and go well with the tender Ribeye ($8) and the Chinese-style, soy sauce infused Char Siew Pork Belly ($5) respectively. As for sides, we enjoyed the Pickled Beansprouts ($1), Baby Young Corn ($1.50) and Grilled Pumpkin ($1.50). There are only two dressings available — wafu and aojiso, a perilla leaf soy sauce dressing. If you're rushing for time, there are six pre-selected bowls (from $10) to choose from, including the Sashimi Rice Bowl ($16.90) and the indulgent Beef and Foie Gras Rice Bowl ($18.90).
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burppler Muriel A

The menu structure here is pretty straightforward. Items are priced individually so you can create the bowl of your dreams while the uninitiated can just pick one of their foolproof Design Bowls (from $10-$18.90).

It was refreshing to see chargrilled swordfish as a protein option. I liked that the lean cubes were not overcooked but I wasn’t too fond of the marinade. Do ask for dressing on the side as I felt that the ingredients were tasty enough on their own.


My first ever WHEAT bowl! I've heard my friends rave about their salads but haven't had the opportunity to try until now.

Decided to opt for the pre-selected Sashimi Rice Bowl that comes with Furikake Pearl Rice (so yummy!), baby spinach, cucumbers, avocado, salmon roe, black caviar, onsen egg and calamansi for that extra tang in your salad. Added baby young corn ($1.50) just because.

The salad comes with a pre-fixed wafu dressing (there are only two dressings available, the other is aojiso, a soy sauce based dressing) that goes really well with all the other ingredients in the bowl.

Now I know where to head to when I'm looking for a reliable salad option in the CBD area!

P.S. Forgive the low quality of the picture, i was a little too eager to dig in to my salad hehehe