Tiger Prawn Panang Curry

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A signature item here at Cha Thai is the tiger prawn curry with lychee. Given the sheer size of the tiger prawns, it is definitely a luxurious dish! Similar to the crab curry sauce used in the creamy crab roll, the curry here is also loaded with the coconut fragrance and remains sweet due to the presence of seafood. The prawn is nicely cooked with a slit across the centre of the body to allow the prawn to soak up the goodness of the curry! I could just do with this and a bowl of rice!


The owner explained that the true blue dish as found in Thailand is insanely - even unbearably - sweet. To suit the local palate, her rendition toned down on the sugar, instead taking an innovative spin and sweetening the dish with whole lychees. The end result was a curry that's super creamy, rich, a wee sweet and just plain addictive. Great bang for your buck too with 4-5 tiger prawns per order!

Large tiger prawns and lychee cooked in a fragrant coconut rich curry.
This is easily one of the more expensive Thai places around. The prices on the menu surprised me $156 for king prawn vermicelli (albeit for 4 persons). It didn't help that I over ordered for 2 but at least we liked the food.


Tiger Prawn Panang Curry 🙋🏻 Yes Please!

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And also the yummiest one to induce many a cravings。

Cha Thai's ::Signature Tiger Prawn Panang Curry:: studded with huge lychees - an ingenious way to enhance the sweetness of the curry without adding too much sugar 👍🏻 Pass a bowl of rice over and ta-dah you've got a meal fit for a king。

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This curry at "Cha Thai" is mild spicy, richer and creamier than the more common red and green Thai curries, and complemented the taste of the giant prawns. The main difference is that their Panang curry tends to lean towards a sweeter flavour profile, with an interesting addition of lychees in it. Suitable for those who can't take spicy but guess I will still stick to curry with a spicier kick.

For dining in customers, Cha Thai is still offering a 20% discount off til 15th August and also get a free drink too if you check in on FB.