Chilean Seabass, Mushroom & Bacon Ragout, Truffle Yuzu Butter

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Highly recommend this. Seabass is so fresh and the yuzu butter sauce goes well with it.

This Chilean Seabass tasted almost magical. Not sure how the chef did it but it’s my first time eating seabass that taste like cod. Yes! Cod! You’ve got to try it. The truffle yuzu butter sauce wasn’t overpowering but it pairs perfectly well with the fish. Not good for sharing coz you will want to devour it all by yourself.

Chilean seabass, mushroom-bacon ragout, truffle yuzu butter sauce ($38)
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It’s been a long time (almost 3 years I think!) since I’ve been here, but this place never disappoints! Every dish is well thought out and their quality is very consistent as well. Their signature dish, the Chilean seabass, remains my favourite and is as good as the previous time I ordered it. Tried some new items from the menu this time and they were great! The service is wonderful too. Venue remains as one of the restaurants we will return to in a heartbeat.

Kind of like how this pan seared seabass was done. Cooked to medium well, the texture of the seabass was as good as the cod fish, flaky and delicate. This mildly sweet seabass goes really well with the slightly creamy truffle yuzu butter sauce too!

This was definitely the highlight of our dinner at Venue by Sebastian. The fish was nicely seared on the outside but still soft and buttery on the inside. Chilean seabass is very similar to cod fish and is already flavorful on its own, but this was even more amazing when complemented with the truffle yuzu butter sauce and mushroom-bacon ragout.

This dish is my favourite !! Uber smooth fish, Yummy mushroom ragout , and the sauce is the bomb 👌🏻 i could dabao a whole bucket home seriously.

Price : $32

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I had high expectations of this dish that so many people were raving about... and this still blew my mind! I haven’t had seabass with flesh so tender and dripping with juices. The sauce was also amazing with a potent kick of truffle. I think this would also do well with the lighter fennel broth that comes with the French seabass dish.


The clincher here was the creamy truffle yuzu butter sauce—the richness of the predominant truffle and butter flavour cut by sharp accents of the citrus, to make for a tasty, balanced sauce. You have to eat this. @venuebysebastian #foodporn #vscofood #eeeeeats #vsco #foodie #foodies #vscocam #food #instagood #eat #instadaily #whati8today #foodinsing #sgfoodblogger #foodphotography #eating #lunch #igfood #igfoodie #foodspotting #onthetable #feedfeed #foodstagram #sgfoodie #sgigfoodies #8dayseat #burpple

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