Dumpling Noodles Dry

$10.80 · 4 Reviews

The dumplings were p tasty but in general i thought the dish was just okay. I guess the dish isn’t something I would crave or order again 😬 As mentioned by others, the portions can be p small if you’re really hungry.

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Didn’t expect to find fixed menu prices under $12 😱 No wonder the cosy restaurant was so packed!! & there’s no service charge here yey🤗 Recommended to get their signature dumplings, what a surprise for a vegetarian fare. And their portobello mushroom is a must get for cheese lovers!!😬
• Genovese Pesto Pasta + Sauteed Mushrooms ($11.80 + $3)
• Dumpling Noodles Dry ($11.80)
• Baked Stuffed Portobello Mushroom with Cheese ($11.80)
• Green Vegetable Mix ($9.80)


At Real Food Grocer, dishes are prepared free of processed ingredients, artificial preservatives and trans-fat. They are also freshly prepared thus orders may take awhile but not a problem for me as I get to enjoy a healthy delicious meal!
Pictured here is the dry dumpling noodles. Best part of this is the handmade dumplings that are flavourful and packed with 13 different ingredients. Noodles are springy though personally I find it a little dry.

They uses a lot of ingredients just to make this! Very flavorful and fragrant! One of the must try from Real Food! The chili is very good too!!