Nasu Dengaku

$12.00 · 3 Reviews

Just can't resist ordering this item whenever I see it available at yakitori restaurants or izakaya. Kabuke's rendition comes with both white and dark miso, so that you can have the best of both worlds. Just love that soft mushy texture of grilled eggplant absorbing in all the flavours of the bean paste! おいしい! もう一つ下さい

This Telok Ayer restaurant specialises in food and sake pairing, and their collection of the drink spans across 20 prefectures, and counting! The Sake here starts from $8 for a 90ml serving, or you can get a flight of three 50ml shots for $24. No fear if you're sake-savvy, for the menu details the tasting notes very succinctly. The food menu is packed with umami-rich plates made for sake-pairing. Expect the likes of ginger-infused Miso Pork ($12), Takoyaki Fries ($12) and Nasu Dengaku ($12, baked eggplant glazed with miso and yuzu) or, for a meal in itself, the Kabuke Wagyu Bowl ($28) of wagyu striploin with onsen egg, garlic chips and truffle shoyu. This isn't just an after dark place. These guys serve a compact lunch menu of mostly rice bowls (from $15 for the simple but good Gyudon). Lunch time is also when a 90ml serving of the sake of the day goes for $5. Just sayin'.
Avg Price: $50 with drinks
Photo by Burppler Shawn Loh