The Ribs

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Came here with a friend at lunch, and it’s crazy hot cos all seating is outdoors and close to where the shade stops. Had The Ribs ($14) with sesame bagel without jalapeños, as the cheddar/garlic bagel options were unavailable. It came hot and cut into half. Meat was tender and went well with the veggies of the day. Was seasoned simply and wasn’t oily. Bagel was ok, but hard to eat if you have a smaller mouth cos it’s a lot to fit. Service is fast!

The primal was very very good, loved the huge chunks of beef brisket!! But the ribs was abit disappointing, too much pepper in my opinion and it seems diff to pics in prev reviews. Would come back for primal 🤤

We got the garlic bagel, and I thought that it paired pretty well!

Nothing to complain about this, but do be prepared for things to get a little messy.

Washed this heavy breakfast down with their housemade white cold brew, fantastic in this sweltering heat.

I visited this place before and had to come back. I had the Ribs with garlic bagel. Definitely for those who want something more spicey with the jelapenos. Got there just in time to get the last garlic bagel before they were left with the plain ones. My family had other selections like the whammer which was more mild with just eggs and bacon. Overall a delicious meal. Just abit on the pricey side and there was not alot of seats outside.

Taste - 8/10

Grabbed half of The Ribs ($14), a pork ribs bagel that packed a spicy punch from the jalapeno salsa. Topped it up with the peanut butter shake ($7), which was very peanutty lacked the typical thickness of a milkshake (assume this is intentional). #sgfoodie #sgrestaurant #sgfood #instafood #bagel #ribs #sandwich #bagels #burpple


I really have to recommend the smoked ribs bagel! They allowed us to customise the salmon bagel, so actually you can take out the capers (which I didn’t really enjoy). The salmon bagel cost approx $6.50 and the ribs cost $13. Definitely worth it 😍😍

We couldn’t decide between The Ribs and Primal, so we decided to get both! The Ribs was really really good. The ribs were tender and smoky, well worth the calories. Primal was good as well, but the brisket could have been less dry! Nonetheless, the pickles and mustard complemented the brisket very well! We did feel slightly jelat after the meal, so maybe grab a drink to wash it down? 😊

We had the bird (smoked chicken leg, Moroccan spice, tomatoes, smoked aioli with hobo greens, $12 ), and the ribs (smoked spiced ribs, halapeno puree, rub bbq sauce with hobo greens, $14). The ribs was SPICY. Otherwise v good!

The bagels tasted somewhat lacklustre and tough, each bite requiring a fair bit of effort to execute. The smoked ribs were tasty but the jalapeno puree was utterly destructive - which is a real pity since the juicy ribs would have have been better enjoyed with a mouth that hasn't been numbed from the peppery heat.
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The Ribs with cheese bagel! Nice although was little too spicy for me