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Wagyu Beef Don (Lunch)

$18.90 · 9 Reviews

A generous serving of Australian Wagyu rump steak is aburi-ed on its exterior while the interior of the beef remains medium-rare so that the intramuscular fat that forms the beautiful marbling you see on raw beef stays intact and melts just ever so slightly. The melted fat keeps the meat tender, moist and juicy while infusing the beef with a great deal of flavor, while the unmelted fat, that still runs through the beef in fine lines, sets off a huge burst of juices and slowly dissolves in the mouth to a rich, creamy and succulent consistency. An onsen egg festoons the beautifully plated beef spiral to add that extra boost of thick, gooey creaminess from the yolk and a silkiness from the egg white to this meat-lovers' dish.

Check out my full review of Southpaw via the link in my profile.

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served with miso soup

(LUNCH Bowl @ $18.90) @southpawbarnsushi 🐮 I’ve never eaten so much rice at one go before can 😆 @meeyeoyeo @sgfoodonfoot Thank u for feeding me ♥️
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Their lunch sets are filling and I like that the rice is very flavourful as it is seasoned evenly with seaweed mix. The sashimi in the set featured in this post taste fresh and it is really a joy to savour these succulent morsels of goodness.  The clear soup also has a natural sweetness to it and I certainly will not mind having a few more bowls of it. 😆

Southpaw Bar & Sushi
11 Cavan Road
Cavan Suites
Unit No.: 01-04
Singapore 209848
Tel No.: 9101 1941

Thank you @tjang.fonda for the invite and @southpawbarnsushi for hosting.

Let’s take a moment to ogle at the #foodporn that is my lunch today, shall we?
The buttery-soft Wagyu beef is flawlessly seared, then sliced and arranged neatly on a mound of tastily-seasoned Japanese sushi rice. Golden garlic bits and chopped chives are sprinkled over before a beautifully cooked egg is laid on top.
I have to say, at $18.90++, I find this Wagyu Beef Don Set (inclusive of pickles and a bowl of miso soup) superb value. It is one of the four options in the NEW lunch menu at Southpaw Sushi Bar. Prices range from $17.90++ for a Salmon Don Set to $22.90++ for a Sashimi plus Unagi Don Set.

My favourite rice bowl here - the beef was so tasty and soft. It also came with a good sprinkling of garlic chips!

You also get to enjoy watching the chef prep and torch your beef which makes you anticipate and enjoy the dish even more. Will definitely return for this!


Seared wagyu beef slices on rice served with miso soup! The beef was so tender, juicy & smoky. I especially enjoyed the garlic chips sprinkled on top of the beef that helped elevated the savory flavours of the beef & added a nice crunch to the bowl. The egg was also gooey & the yolk added a creamy touch to the rice. A super good deal for $18.90! Will definitely come again ❤️

For ‘simple’ rice bowls, a lot of effort goes into them! We watched as they seared the block of wagyu with the chef’s torch, then on the grill, then sliced thinly and seared once more on top of the rice. Topped off with a wobbly, oozy egg and utterly addictive crispy garlic bits, this was my favourite from Southpaw’s new lunch bowls.

The rice is another draw for me to come back; while it might be a bit clumpy, Roy shared that that’s because they marinade their rice and as a result, it’s super tasty with seaweed mixed right in. Slicked up with the runny egg and teriyaki sauce, this is one bowl I’d have no problems finishing.


Finally Southpaw is launching lunch set! Their price range is about 18++ to 20++, which comes with a bowl of miso soup too. ☺️

This beef don is one of my favorite. The tenderness of meat is just blow-blowing.

The portion is pretty generous, as at the end I couldn’t really finish.

Dining in Southpaw is quite comfortable. Will come back again soon!