Pan-Fried Red Snapper

$28.00 · 3 Reviews

The perfectly executed snapper with crispy skin sits snug in a sea of green curry emulsion that was met with unanimous aplomb around the table. Packed with flavour so authentic you’d think it were whisked straight off the streets of Bangkok, the categorically stunning curry delivered bracing heat courtesy of the inclusion of a devilishly spicy fried Thai belacan chilli. We also loved the Thai ping pong eggplant that had been confit to a pleasant softness, then blowtorched for a seductively smoky char on the outside.

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Taste: 5/5

Every dish I tried was a triumphant banger, comprising unexpected yet pleasurable Asian influences and elements - think buah longlong vinaigrette and chrysanthemum flower honey glaze - and I left The Spot having my spot firmly, ringingly hit. ⠀

The red snapper was one of my favourites, a balanced dish with the green curry emulsion being arrestingly umami and full-bodied, and the eggplant playing it like a honey-sweet giant raisin with playful secrets within.

crispy skin, green curry emulsion, variation of eggplant

Very enjoyable lunch... overall food quality was good and tasty, worth every penny spent.

(Part of the Lunch 3 Courses Set Menu $38)