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Josper Grilled Carabinero, Chilli and Garlic Oil

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I had this during my recent lunch visit and I was very keen for my husband and mum to try it. The flesh of the carabinero shrimp had a naturally sweet flavour which was very different from the shrimps which we are used to eating.
We were advised to squeeze the innards of the shrimp head out and use the bread to soak up the oil (with the yummy innards and all).
This was when our dinner started to go downhill. The bread was burnt and everything tasted bitter. We asked for another serving of bread requesting that it be not toasted or lightly toasted. It came toasted just the same and burnt as well (although less so than before). You can imagine our surprise to be served burnt bread twice. The comment which came back from the kitchen was that the bread must be served toasted. I get it but surely not burnt?? We were even more surprised to be charged for the extra burnt bread!
I think good service should be commended but equally poor service should be improved upon and criticisms received constructively. I truly hope this was a one-off. *
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This was an extra order, a seasonal item from the board. The carabinero (scarlet shrimp) was amazingly sweet. So sweet we couldn't let the shrimp head go to waste! Thank you @blueskiescottonclouds for ordering this.
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Ever since I saw this on Denise's Instagram stories I was longing for it. So today, my lunch kakis were equally game and we shared some amongst us. The Carabinero was so full of flavour and I was shamelessly sucking every morsel of goodness from the head. The oil was so good that one piece of toast just wasn't enough and what did I do? Shamelessly asked the Chef for another. Just couldn't let the oil go to waste.

This josper grilled carabinero prawn sparkled, but the real fight was over the incredibly nuanced oil, with intense prawn overtones further enhanced by garlic, chilli flakes and the gentle punch of quality salt... luckily, Burppler BlueSkiesCottonClouds charmed chef into giving us extra bread to soak up allllllll of that decadent oil...