Aburi Scallop Salmon Don

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Always our favourite! Truffle is super xiannggg!!! 🤩

The scallop & salmon were served generously and fresh.
Loved that charred, torched flavor on both the salmon and scallops.
However, the service here isn’t the best. The cashier/waiter was a little impatient, angsty.
Definitely worth coming back for its 1 for 1 Burpple Deal.


Sliced tuna seared on the outside, sprinkled with salt and pepper. The seared layer is a little tough and dried. Not amazing, still prefer their signature Aburi Scallop Salmon Don.

Used the 1-1 Burpple deal for Salmon Ikura Don ($25) and Aburi Scallop Salmon Don ($17). Very generous amount of salmon! The truffle on the scallops was very strong too. Would come back even without the deal!

An unassuming store selling don bowls that is located within walking distance of Holland Village MRT.

Used the 1-for-1 deal on Burpple and both YW and I got the aburi scallop salmon don ($17). The bowl looked small but had a generous serving of scallops and salmon 💯 They also tasted fresh (but be careful of bones). The rice was special too (with a slight ginger taste?). I easily wiped out the whole bowl and was very satisfied with the meal 😌

Fyi that it's possible to top up $2 for miso soup and edamame.

Come here for a no frill Japanese don. Scallop has that charred taste which is lovely. Would have prefer it to be thicker but they made up with more pieces instead. Salmon cubes was the usual while rice could have more. Literally finished up the rice and there is still plenty of salmon left, no complain here though haha.

Be prepare to wait as there's a queue in line on a Thursday evening. Meals were served fast which is a bonus for the hungry souls.

Food cost: $17 each (W/ Burpple deal, all the more cost savings)

A comfort food worth returning to!

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Using burpple at umi nami is truly very worth the price, this was really good, the char on the scallop was amazing and the seafood was delicious! Only critique would be that the rice is nothing amazing, I don’t think it really tasted like sushi rice either, partner and I figured that it was to cut costs to make it more affordable with good quality fish hahahahahah but still really good!

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The salmon cubes were limp and didn’t have a bite to it, and the scallops were too thin. There was a nice smoky flavour, and the egg roe provided some crunch, but other than that, the bowl was really meh. They didn’t even use Japanese rice :( The special salmon had too much mayo, so take note if you’re intending to get that! My dining partner also remarked that the portions were too small for him, but I found it just nice.

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we got the aburi scallop salmon don and special salmon don :) decent amount of salmon for both. the scallop and cucumbers were very light and refreshing, and the mayo in the special salmon don was nicely seasoned. overall a great meal!!

a simple don topped with a generous amount of salmon & scallops!

the star of the dish was no doubt the scallops, with a rich smoky flavour from the searing. the best part was definitely the small dollop of truffle on each piece, which added a fragrant aroma and a rich umami flavour to the pieces. honestly super duper yummy 😋

honestly the salmon was quite mediocre. it was slightly cooked on some sides but distinctly lacking the charred aburi flavour one would expect from the flame searing (though this was definitely present in the scallops!). i’m guessing they only torched the top of the bowl, such that mostly the scallops and very little salmon pieces were torched. what a shame :-(

would come back for the scallops 👍🏻

$17 (but 1 for 1 with burpple beyond!) | 7/10