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Aburi Scallop Salmon Don

$17.00 · 34 Reviews

Nicely seared. At $17, it was well worth it with burpple 1for1 deal.

The crowd favourite! Totally recommend having this. Used burpple 1-for-1.

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Definitely worth it with the Beyond 1-for-1 deal! Great taste with the fresh sashimi along with the truffle taste!

Lightly seared scallops, a good portion of rice to salmon ratio, this bowl not bad for a TGIF meal. With the one for one using Beyond, it really works up to be a good deal! Free flow water at the restaurant too.

For now, payment by cash only though.

We got this with Burpple 1-for-1, and it was very worth it. $17 for two rice bowls! The aburi salmon had a lovely smokey flavour and melts in your mouth. The scallops were topped with truffle paste. The fresh raw salmon was super fresh as well. The rice was well vinegarred and not over cooked. With all the flavours together, it feels as though you’re eating three different dishes at once. Would definitely come here again for a decadent snack.

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Affordable especially with burpple 1for1. Value for money! Aburi Scallop salmon don ($17) was good.

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Food was value for money with burpple 1for1. Scallops were thin but very sweet

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Scallops were a little thin, but everything was pretty fresh. Salmon chunks were lightly torched, so you get that nice melt in your mouth kind of texture! Would have liked the rice less warm though.

I don’t think I’d come without Burpple Beyond, but it’s super, super worth it if you do! While service was average, there’s no GST or service charges here - plus they have free flow iced water for all! Take note that they only accept cash payments.

Umi Nami never fails to deliver?? Aburi salmon and scallops were very nicely seared. Though scallops were rather thin, it still tasted decently fresh and paired nicely with the small dollop of salty caviar-like paste! Portions may be a little small for most, but can’t be too unreasonably demanding at this price. Even at $17 nett, this bowl already surpasses my expectations but with burpple beyond’s 1-for-1...?? 🤯🤯 Definitely a must try! (Or their Aburi Salmon Don which is even cheaper what even) Service is rather meh but water is provided in a nice casual environment! 👍🏻👍🏻


Love the torched scallop and salmon with black truffle 😍