Spicy Yakiniku Don

$19.80 · 6 Reviews

Looooveeeeee this don! Price was $18.80 I believe not the cheapest but yuuuuim the beef slices were well marinated and I love the spice! Not very spicy but nice enough to complement the whole dish :) There's surprisingly alot more rice than expected so left feeling full and satisfied!

Rating: 8/10

Verdict: WILL GO BACK AGAIN DEF but recommend to always make reservation 2-3days before because queue is always hella long

Can't explain why I didn't order gyudon since I'm not a fan of yakiniku. According to the menu, this is a signature. I liked the kick from the chilli, but the meat was rubbery and there's no egg! Blasphemy!

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$15.80. Spicy beef bowl. The Japanese rice is really soft and fluffy! The spice level is above average. On the other hand, the sauce is quite salty. Overall, it was a satisfying meal. Don’t be fooled by its small bowl, the portion is quite filling.


Whilst massively renown for their oceanic endeavours, Sushiro has began introducing new beefy arsenal into their (seasonal and rotational) repertoire such as this steak bowl and their Spicy Yakiniku Don. The Classic Steak Don is a promising start, with each slice of steak walking the tightrope between roasty and baby tender soft with proficiency and surprising poise.