For folks who are not aware, Black Cow is a modern sukiyaki and shabu-shabu fine dining restaurant that aims to create transcendent wagyu dining experiences with the finest cuts that you can possibly eat in Singapore. The restaurant serves the Japanese black cattle or “kuroge wagyu”, sourced from a network of trusted farms that co-owner Sam Chua personally visits and builds a close relationship over the years. As the ingredients used as seasonal and sourced at their optimal peak performance every week, the restaurant gets only chilled Japanese A5 wagyu beef and works with a community of small producers across Japan for delicacies such as sea urchin and oyster, and other European distributors from Italy, Spain, and France for truffles. Despite the seasonality of these ingredients, the cooking methods are still the same and every diner can rest assure on the quality that you are going to get for your sukiyaki, shabu shabu and premium donburi.

For this Winter Menu, the restaurant will showcase seafood at its prime as due to the colder weathers, seafood will have a naturally higher fat content, which in turns give more flavours to the dish. There is a rotation of fresh product that are sustainability source from fish and shrimp to shellfish and A-grade uni narabi from Toyosu Fish Market, Tokyo. Besides the seafood, there is just no way you can go to Black Cow without experiencing wagyu euphoria. Throughout our meal, besides the tableside cooking sounds, there were numerous moments of indulgent silence, which is a testament on the pure enjoyment that were on display. We had a great start with the refreshing Black Cow Salad before the Kushiage ($38) was served, a one-biter of glazed foie gras topped with a katsu beef fillet followed by the seasonal starter that is part of the sukiyaki or shabu course, and that day consists of the pickled vegetable and a warm appetizer of stewed rib finger with Japanese daikon.

We transited to the mains thereafter with the Sukiyaki Course ($158 with A5 Seasonal Wagyu Beef / $238 with A5 Hida-gyu / $328 with A5 Matsusaka), the aforementioned transcendent wagyu experience that you should totally go for. The wagyu slices are cooked tableside with a master sukiyaki stock that dates back a couple of years and each is served with a dip of beaten raw Japanese egg. To complement the meal, you can top up with a selection of seasonal vegetables and mushrooms that are cooked together with the meats and enjoy the different methods of eating it. Besides the sukiyaki, diners can also opt for the Shabu Shabu Course, priced from $158 with the A5 seasonal wagyu beef. The indulgence did not just stop there as we were presented next with the Signature Sukiyaki Don ‘All-in-one’ ($128) made with a base of AAA grade Nanatsuboshi rice from Hokkaido, topped with sukiyaki-style A5 wagyu beef, sea urchin, glazed foie gras, caviar, onsen egg, seasonal black truffle and housemade garlic chips. The meal ended with desserts of warabi mochi, seasonal fruits, yuzu sorbet and the iconic Truffle Monaka ($35) that houses a rich and aromatic ice cream made with Madangascan vanilla, truffle shavings and egg yolk. Satisfied, happy and blessed were the words I am able to associate my dining experience at Black Cow.
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📍 26 Beach Road, South Beach Avenue, B1-20, Singapore 189768
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