As if one would ever get sick of watching some live cooking, the latest concept restaurant under the Keisuke chain gave me a memorable experience that made me drool. I was so glad I beat the queue before the real crowd came in, for the meal was best savoured without pressure and stress from snaking queues.

Anyways, upon ordering the meal, I was served with their in-house sesame tofu with a pinch of wasabi, and it was a nice starter with a slight doughy texture accompanied by the aroma of the seeds. Then came the live cooking and the careful plating by the chef, right in front of me! I personally felt that their Yuzu Shichimi went quite well with the piping hot rice bowl, but the Onsen Eggs together with the Sukiyaki sauce set the standards right as they coated the rice and beef so aptly. Did I mention that the rice were cooked in claypots, seemingly to give a more authentic feel as compared to electric rice cookers?

So why the S$29.90 meal? Obviously, for those who liked their beef really smooth and juicy, the A4 Yonezawa Beef provided some really dense marbling for that extra orgasmic texture. The US Prime Beef option is fine too, especially if one would prefer more oomph from protein than from fats.

In short, no reason not to return for another awesome meal.