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Siming T
Siming T

While I was very used to seeing bacon-wrapped straw mushrooms or asparagus in grilled skewers, it might just be my first encounter with the prawn version. Indeed, this item was delightful with the prawn cooked just nicely, and the juiciness of the seafood played down the possibility of having an over-salty bacon and butter coat.

Wonder how it would be even more unforgettable if there is some Kewpie mayonnaise on them. Fattening, yes, but worth the calories!

Also available ala carte at S$18.00.


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Cheers to having a platter of raw fish in an eat-all-you-can setting, and that was what Shin Minori could offer in their Omizu Buffet menu. The assortment might vary depending on the availability, but would usually come with 6 kinds of Sashimi if you would take all of them. Otherwise, the Sashimi could also be selected to your preference, ranging from salmon, spicy seared tuna, tuna, yellow tail, octopus or cuttlefish.

The most satisfying thing about this item was that the seafood were cut to the right thickness, and one could tell its freshness easily (I simply liked eating it with a bit of Wasabi). I would say that this item made a fantastic start to my meal, though I might also consider eating a few rounds of Sashimi as my meal too.

Thankfully, Burpple Beyond had my weekday dinner buffets covered as one of their deals, so for S$49.90 I could indulge in a Japanese feast for 2 pax. Awesome, isn’t it?


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Let’s face it: a no-frill Iberico Pork Bowl from Ishiro that costed only S$5.00 dine-in (S$8.90 at delivery) was a hidden gem, little known to the masses.

I did not know what I had missed out until I got this via GrabFood, and when received I was a bit shocked by the big portion of rice topped with sliced Iberico pork, tempura crumbs and an Onsen egg. Such a neat presentation was alluring to make me want to dig in immediately.

While the scrumptiousness of the meal was undeniable, the only thing I would ask them to cut down on was the sauce, as the over-supply of it resulted in some difficulty trying to cleanse away the sweetness halfway through the meal. Yet, as I had said that the price was reasonably affordable, I might eventually try all their Japanese rice bowls to determine which ones I would favour the most.


By “double”, the waitress clarified that it referred to the same regular portion of rice, but with an additional portion of their grilled eel.

As many would vouch for their affordable price of S$19.80, the Double Hitsumabushi was Ramen Champion’s version of a Unagi meal, with succulent eel meat grilled carefully by their chef behind a glass window, and then dipped into the Unagi sauce before a final grill. The usual condiments, including bottles of Unagi sauce and spice powder on the table, added more layers of flavour to this delight.

On the other hand, I did not favour their slightly marshy rice and the lack of smokiness and crisp of the star of the dish, the latter perhaps a result of insufficient grilling over a flame which I thought lacked strength. I did wish for a richer Dashi stock for the pour-over, but that loss of flavour might be compensated with the condiments served alongside.

I would be convinced that Una Una was a place for entry-level Hitsumabushi for those who loved to “eat snake”. Perhaps some of the existing eel specialty restaurants had already raised the bar quite high, that the best reason to come back here for this dish was simply for wallet-friendly Unagi, with other expectations marked down.


I was certain that I was not used to calling this restaurant’s name without thinking of Bara Chirashi Don, but I was thrilled to try out this place after much talk from the Burpple community about this place.

If there was something I wished I could pay more attention to, it was that the waiting time for a table could be more than an hour during peak hours for walk-in customers. And so they came up with a mobile application solely dedicated for advanced table reservation.

To me, this place was like a combined form of Itacho Sushi, Genki Sushi and Sushi Express. The sushi came with a very small portion of rice and a large piece of fresh ingredient on top. Taking a counter seat allowed me to admire the plates of ready-made sushi on the conveyor belt, and if there was something else you wanted to order, just use the tablet device to order them, and they would come to your table via express lane. Very modern, very fun.

Food-wise, I really enjoyed their Otoro Nigiri (S$4.80), which was on a S$2.20 promotion during this visit. It was fatty and just so delicious! The Crab Cream Croquette (S$3.50) was really warm and creamy, as the only part that appeared more solid was the crust. And because some of the sushi rice got stuck to the plates, I found a lot of satisfaction eating the sushi by holding it with my fingers, which was perfectly acceptable in Japanese culture!

I was also pleased with their Miso Soup with Fish (S$2.50), which came with kelp and four pieces of fish. I would have loved it more if there weren’t any big bones present on them, to enjoy it with a peace of mind.


The photo in the menu seemed more impressive than what was presented in front of me: a large lattice coating that was double the size of the actual Japanese pan-fried dumplings.

However, the six-piece Wagyu Gyoza (S$15.00) was different from the usual. Other than the thin Gyoza skin, the filling was made of nothing but minced beef (wagyu or not, was hard to determine). And with that Hanetsuki finish that was very crispy, it added a little fancy texture to the yummy dumplings, alongside the dark vinegar and sesame oil blend.

For the best experience, this dish should be eaten immediately when served, to taste it at its crispiest state.


Ideal as a set dinner for a slightly little portion size but a full-course meal, their Burpple Beyond Set was pegged at S$25.90 for 2, yet complete with Donburi, salad, soup and four pieces of Mentaiyaki Tamago. This deal had justified that the meal was indeed value for money.

While I would not say that the ingredients in the Kei Kaisendon Signature were exactly premium, given that I was not counting the number of pieces of each ingredient would probably mean that the portion was still considered decent. The other way to prove this was that the rice was completely buried under the seafood and such.



The flavours, however, appeared quite flat to make it worth a mandatory return.
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Simply put, Hakata Ikkousha Ramen wowed me again with their Tonkotsu Mentaiko Special (S$18.00), which came with creamy pork broth with Mentaiko flavour and a hint of spiciness. I found that with a regular broth, every sip of the soup carried this seafood umami that probably came from the Mentaiko, so I was actually pleased with the flavours of the broth. Not only that, getting “Hard” noodles was actually quite a good choice that I had made, because the noodles somehow tasted firm but did not soak in too much of the chilli oil.

Thank goodness for the pitcher of iced water on the table, I was assured that I could drink up after the meal, especially when the broth was on the salty side. However, it should be salty enough to bring out the feel in authentic Japanese Ramen.


Making decisions on what to have here was really simple because they only served Katsudon here, whether spicy or not. And at S$13.50, a platter of battered pork and chicken fillets were plated in the form of a flower above a bed of Hokkaido rice. Apparently they shared the same bowls as Tendon Kohaku, so it was not strange to see some similarities in terms of their presentation.

Meat lovers might either be delighted or disappointed with the Katsus. One might argue that the slices were too thin for liking, but I thought it was just the right thickness to go with the batter, and having six pieces of meat with w smaller portion of rice made it appear favourably out of proportion. The spicy element was also quite flavoursome, with traces of sugar to balance off that burning sensation a little. Kind of reminded me of a spicy chicken burger from the big M.

On the downside, the waiting time of more than 15 minutes was uncalled for, given that there was no customer before me who was still waiting for his food to be served. It so happened that shortly after I placed my order, a group of seven came in and placed their order. Let’s just say that my food was eventually served, I took this photo, finished my meal, and finally came their dinner. Just wondered if they would also take this long during their lunch service actually.

It took about a 15- to 20-minute wait for this to be served after ordering. Their Turkey Bacon & Scrambled Egg Pancakes (S$18.90) was one of the three savoury pancake options that one would consider for an all-day breakfast.

To be brutally honest, the wait was just a prelude to the bigger disappointment that came next. Without the soufflé puffiness, their classic pancakes was really ordinary in flavours (I quote the diners from my adjacent table commenting that this was comparable to fast food standard), and it did not help that the turkey bacon lacking crispiness and were served cold, and the scrambled egg was somehow tasteless. I probably would not be the only one who would think that this item did not match its price point.

Somewhere out there, there were diners who seemed pretty satisfied with their Tiramisu Pancakes. That might be something I would try if I were to come back for them.

First world problem: What to eat for the next meal?

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