Having previously tasted all of their other pizzas, including the favourite Clam & Garlic Sourdough, this new seafood sourdough pizza definitely ranks high up with it. Whoever or whatever that made Spongebob angry for him to create this revenge pizza definitely did the right thing as the plump and juicy scallops are a joy to eat, and pairs perfectly with the large cuts of onion. The pizza is made with a crispy sourdough base over a tomato sauce and topped with all these ingredients.

Roy’s favourite has also been upgraded with the Mushroom Pesto Sourdough ($26) now in version 2 and is even more moreish with the earthy mushrooms that complements with the richness of the cheese and pesto sauce. Not forgetting the addictive Sourdough Garlic Knots ($10) that has been aged for 48 hours, this snack is baked in olive oil, filled with rare cheese, glazed with garlic butter, and topped with freshly shave aged Parmesan. To sweeten the deal, add-on the Sourdough Garlic Knots to enjoy free delivery with a minimum pizza order of $45.
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