Finally get to try this place despite passing by all the time and staring at it longingly.

Everything about this place felt "so Jap", it was like being back in Tokyo again. Major love😍 (and we have not even started eating yet!) From the sliding door at the entrance to the welcome greetings being called out cheerily, to the little shop space furnished in dark colored wood. The chefs were busy in the open concept kitchen, dishing out bowls of ramen and plates of gyozas. The lady who took our order knelt by our table side (in total Jap-style no less!), attentively noting our choices on a little clipboard.

I had the Ajitama-uma ($14.90). The pork flavoured shoyu broth was thick and flavourful but strangely not too salty and did not leave me feeling thirsty. It was reminiscent of the ones I had in Tokyo. Their famous thick-cut chashu was grilled to smoky perfection and the huge ajitama was well seasoned and oozing golden yolk. Loved their generous toppings of the seasoned bamboo shoots (don't be deceived by the pic cos they were all hidden under that awesome thick broth) and spring onions too.

Definitely my one of my top favourite places for Japanese ramen in SG now. Can't wait to go back again😍!