This was a dream come true
👩🏻: I don't usually take the cream on cakes but I love the cream I can finish it!!
👧🏻: Best cakes I've had in awhile!!
Might be "its dad's birthday" mood but honestly everything tasted great, from the DELICIOUS MILKY LIGHT CREAM, soft sponge cake, crisp layer of tart base in the Mont Blanc...
Then on to the contrasting sweetness of milk and dark cacao chocolate used in the chocolate swirl roll that gain the approval of a self-proclaim chocoholic i.e. me.
So need to be bring my cake loving aunts to their new outlet at tanjong pagar (because Dempsey's Henri Charpentier will be closed from Dec onwards)
P.S: Main point though happy birthday to my 爸爸💖