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Grew up with the traditional soya bean curd, so I'd still prefer it to the modern soya bean pudding these days any time. The happiness when you slurp that spoonful of silky beancurd, that goes along with the sugar syrup. The soya beancurd here was quite sweet though, seems like the sugar syrup was made using the orange sugar that we see in putu mayam.

The soya bean milk had a pure milky taste, but not overly beany from the soya beans. Thus, even pairing with the soya beancurd, it doesn't feel too jelak. The you tiao (dough fritters) were huge, cheap and good. I have never come across such a big one that could be shared between 2 and yet still feel so satisfied having half. Slightly oily, but crispy. My first time eating it by dipping into the soya bean milk, which I thought was weird. Apparently that's how it's supposed to be eaten? It gets soaked up and soggy, but adds a hint of sweetness to the oily snack. Don't really like my soya bean milk to get oily, so I guess I will still have them separately!