Newly opened opposite my place. Finally had a chance to visit it. Ordered the crispy crab linguine under the staff's recommendation and boy it was decent! Crispy soft shell crab with the al dente textured linguine was a deadly combination! Pasta sauce was alittle spicy though. Try this dish if your not hot enough! 脆皮蟹肉配搭義大利麵。蟹醬雖然有點辣但麵條的口感彈牙恰好!蟹肉建議大家盡快吃避免脆皮被蟹醬搭爛

There's a similar version (also with soft shelled crab) at Bedok marketplace (chop chop) for half the price :p
Smitten Angel oh yes I've been there before, but I always patronize Burning Oak whenever I'm there. the gyudon is awesome!!
Ray Tan hehe I find that gyudon very tough to chew lei :p
Smitten Angel huh no way..prob the chef was rushing the orders ba. give it another chance, u should go again!!