Itacho Sushi had their Ikura Festival recently, serving two versions of their Ikura Don at 60% off.

I managed to try their Salmon & Roe Giant Mini Rice (S$11.90) on the last day of their promotion today. Featuring sushi rice buried under some raw salmon and a sea of salmon roe, the mini rice bowl was bursting with umami to a point where I wished I had more rice to pair with the Ikura. However, this was how exactly the Ikura Don should taste like.

Of course, in the absence of overflowing roe and the enthusiastic shouting of “Oisa-!”, the atmosphere lacked the element of drama that would come with the “festival”. Still, it was a good to have alongside the array of Sushi, Gunkan and other Tabemono that is familiar to the diners here. And the complimentary hot green tea did its job in cleansing the palate after emptying this bowl.

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