Delivered fresh from Ningde, Fujian, the yellow croaker fish is cooked and presented in unique ways such as with sambal sauce, fried with Chinese kale or stewed for 100 seconds.

The Yellow Croaker in Sambal Sauce ($39.90) is one of the new highlights, which happened to also be my favourite of the evening. The fish is first deep fried before it is topped with a homemade sambal made with over 10 different spices, tomato juice, shrimp paste and soy sauce. It is like eating a fish chip as it is fried till crispy, paired with the savoury, sweet, spicy and tangy sauce. For a balanced meal, you can also order the newly launched Chinese Kale Fried with Salted Yellow Croaker (from $13.90). Both dishes will be available permanently on the main menu from 29 March.

Previously only available on the set menu, the following yellow croaker dishes can now be ordered as an ala carte option, the Yellow Croaker in Chopped Chillies ($39.90), Pan-fried Yellow Croaker ($39.90/500g) and Yellow Croaker Fillet Soup ($19.90). I will highly recommend the version with chopped chillies as this homemade fermented sauce will surely bring the spicy kick, complementing with the sweetness from the meat of the steamed yellow croaker.

The original yellow croaker dishes in the main menu such as the 100-Second Stewed Yellow Croaker ($13.90/200g) and Yellow Croaker Claypot Soup ($19.90) will continue to be in the menu for diners to enjoy.
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