The 4th edition of The Fifty Cents Fest sees the beloved festival go for a Hokkien theme this year.

Everything is priced from a humble S$0.50 to no more than S$3.00, and visitors will get to taste traditional Hokkien dishes – some of which are rare finds these days!

Some of the ideas that we found really value for money includes:
Kong Ba Bao/ Braised Pork Belly Bun (2 x $0.50)
Buddha Jumps Over The Wall (6 x $0.50)
Fried Black Hokkien Noodles 福建炒面 (2 x $0.50)
Oyster Cake ($0.50)
Red Date Drink ($0.50)

Some of these finds, including the Buddha Jump over the Wall and Fried Hokkien Mee can only be found tucked away in a corner of Chinatown Food Street, in a hidden Hokkien roadside stall. So... keep your eyes peeled for it!

Venue: Chinatown Food Street, Smith Street, Singapore 058938

Thank you @wom_sgpr and @chinatownfoodstreet for the invite and hospitality. #the50centsfest