What started out in a small room that was attached to Artichoke restaurant has now moved to a bigger location. Bookings are usually released on a monthly basis and each booking is for 4 pax, and there is only a single fixed menu at each point of time, hence, the restaurant is not able to accommodate any substitute of courses. For the month of August, it will be the Thai Dough-makase ($650++ for 4 pax), a menu that was conceptualized back in May but was only launched now due to the past dine-in restrictions. Forget about all your tom yum, green curry or basil pork, for the Thai Dough-makase, you will experience a Thai infusion of flavours, almost like going onto a cultural trip but tasting things that you will not normally get elsewhere.

We started off with a couple of snacks in the Dough-ritos & Crudites, which were crispy dough chips and fresh vegetables with a nam prik noom guacamole and unicorn dip of sea urchin presented in 3 ways. The former was a guacamole spiked with green chillies that brought a spicy kick to each bite while the unicorn dip contained charred corn and ikura with velvety uni dip. The Northern Thai pork donut came next, a homage to the popular dish of nam prik ong which traditionally comes with a dip of ground pork, tomato and chilli paste with fresh vegetables, but in this case, the pork was topped onto one of the most ridiculously soft chewy doughs, with a touch of young mango to cut through the richness and fresh dill for their refreshing flavour.
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