Today I enlisted the help of Foodpanda to deliver this heavy duty desserts to my office. Blackball Signature Dessert is always the choice when it comes to their desserts, because it comes with lots of toppings such as the “Jiu Fen” Taro Balls, Sweet Potato Balls, Yam Q, Glden Sweet Potato, Red Beans and Pearls. And for the gluttony ones like me, paying S$8.50 for the Deluxe version is just so worthwhile, because the additional Mini Balls and two Hearty Potato Balls simply adds more chewy texture to the already awesome dessert. The key point here, is that all their toppings are so authentic that one can easily taste the yam and sweet potato with every bite!

I enjoyed the dessert so much, I could finish one big bowl on my own! But given its large portion by default, perhaps consider sharing it with your bestie if you think you can resist.