Because there’s always room for desserts.
Siming T
Siming T

Thai franchise Yenly Yours had recently landed in Basement 1 of the mall. For those who would have weakness for mangoes, this dessert café must be a compulsory stop for a quick round of sweets.

Though everything looked appealing, this particular item probably caught my attention almost immediately. At S$10.90, this bowl of desserts contained mango slush at the base, and some slices of mango, mango ice cream and grated coconut flesh. The latter gave the dessert a good balance of texture as well as acidity (from the mango counterparts). Having this dessert was like indulging myself in the midst of summer, with refreshing tropical notes and a slight desire to order another mango-based drink to go.

The Yam Chicken Floss Mochi Cake (S$9.90) was an interesting creation of yam paste, Mochi and chicken floss in a cup. Its combination of sweet and savoury, and the layers of various texture, was a unique way of incorporating unlikely ingredients into one dessert. Personally however, I did not fancy this dessert because the chicken floss texture did not seem to blend perfectly with the creamy and chewy counterparts.

The cherry blossom theme was in season, and so Lady M rolled out the limited-time Sakura Berry Mille Crêpes (S$13.00), featuring Sakura-flavoured white chocolate ganache with strawberry-infused pastry cream. To balance all that sweetness, there was also a streak of dehydrated strawberries to add some acidity.

Definitely on the sweeter side of things, but when paired with their tea, this would become indulgent as an afternoon treat.

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With the phased opening of Thomson-East Coast Line, it would be easier to explore humble neighbourhood eateries like Desert Dessert which was located near Mayflower MRT Station.

It was quite a safe choice to order their Belgian Waffle (S$5.50), as it turned out that the waffle was crispy on the outside but also sufficiently airy inside. It also took quite a while before the waffles soften from the melted gelato, so I supposed the waffle mix was done right.

An additional scoop of Premium Gelato would cost S$4.00 each. I would agree with past review that the Pistachio flavour was significantly nuttier than others of such, and I thought this was just on point. Their Red Wine Belgian Choco was also robust and smooth, and as much as it was not as bitter as dark chocolate, there was quite a nice balance of bitterness and sweetness: slightly acquired but also on the sweet side.

Interestingly, given the simple set-up of the partitioned shop space, there wasn’t any lingering smell of baking grease, unlike some of the other cafés with open-concept kitchens.

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Being one of their latest creations in the house, the Blueberry Nebula (S$9.00) was probably one of the rare few that appeared like a spherical snow-globe with unique marbling on the surface. Because the cake was made with lemon curd, the sourness balanced well with the sweetness from the vanilla Chantilly.

Although there was a piece of their in-house Chocolate sable as the base, I felt that it was also a shame to use that, as it tasted slightly out of place. Probably, a butter shortbread could be a better alternative.

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Just when you might think that cheese tarts are no longer in trend, Queic opened near their parent restaurant to sell this personal versions of Olivia Burnt Cheesecake (S$15.00) and other sweets (or savouries?).

Having tried the slices at Olivia restaurant, this cheesecake also had a very runny cheese that would ooze out when the base was broken. Unfortunately, I really liked the sliced version at Olivia better because I found this cheesecake base a little too thick for me. Maybe it was because it came in this size that resulted in the base thicker and harder.


My first experience with this cake was when I did a recorded tasting called Tastemakers Try with Burpple. Since then, I fell in love with the Chocolate Pear Bavaroise Log Cake (S$62.00) for its rich chocolate flavours, with chunks of pear and pear bavaroise from within.

I liked it when the dark chocolate ganache and milk chocolate mousse met halfway for both richness and sweetness. On top of that, there were pieces of “golden coins” made of white chocolate and airbrushed for a hint of luxury. Who would say “no” to more chocolate in their dessert anyway?

Most would have expected that Christmas log cakes should usually be creamy or chocolatey. However, the Yuzu Meringue Log (S$60.00) was surprisingly a wonderful add to a party or gathering, especially after a hearty dinner.

Made with layers of lemon curd, lemon buttercream, yuzu marmalade, joconde sponge and coated with meringue, the citric flavours was perfect to cleanse the palate and create the refreshing feel on the taste buds. The different textures also created a good balance between richness and airiness.

With a slightly caramelised exterior, the log cake also had sugar ornaments and white chocolate crisps and candied orange peel decorations to make it pleasing to look as well.

The huge Polo Bun with custard cream fillings looked pretty impressive, and as I ordered a Golden Lava Polo (S$3.00), I was pleasantly surprised that the staff carefully packed it into the individual plastic box, just to make sure that the snack was adequately protected.

Though the name suggested that it was a Polo Bun, the interior of it was very well-layered with lots of air pockets that reminded me of a croissant. Its Golden Lava was also giving a balanced flavour between sweet and savoury, making it a nice afternoon snack overall.

If there was something that I had really hoped to be better, that could have been the crust, which lacked the usual sugary flaky texture, because this one was kind of soft by the time I brought it home to eat.

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We’d probably seen enough of Basque Burnt Cheesecakes in the market over the past few years, so I would guess that the unique part of this Taro Burnt Cheesecake (S$7.20) was that the yam paste was spread between two layers of baked cheesecake. As a result, the cheesecake probably didn’t come across as overpowering with taro flavours.

However, it was a delight to have the yam paste sweetness coming through as an after-flavour. Again (like its Orh Nee Tart counterpart), it was not a matter of which flavour overpowers which, but more of how both flavours took turns to please the palates.

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Seemingly like the yam paste version of the popular pineapple tarts that we’ll eat during the Lunar New Year season, Whisking Bakes basically wrapped a pretty generous portion of yam paste wrapped with a thin layer of buttery pastry dough.

It might not have been love at first bite, as the snack sported a butter flavour that overpowered the delicate taste of yam paste. However, the taro came as a mild lingering aftertaste, so it might be best eaten with a cup of white tea by the side.

With freshness also meant that the tarts would have to be consumed almost immediately (or as what the label would say “3 - 5 days”). But I really felt that the tarts tasted best on the day I self-collected it from the shop.

With 11 pieces of these babies in a container for S$14.00, I would love to share them with the like-minded folks on the same day.

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It’s a wonderful mix of flavours and texture with Tsujiri’s Warabimochi Parfait (S$8.50), as the tea soft-serve had a good balance of sweetness and bitterness, on top of whipped cream, Houjicha jelly and roasted rice cushioning the soft serve. The Warabimochi, each coated in Matcha powder and soy powder respectively, were also smooth and mildly chewy, plus they were quite reasonably-sized too! Drizzled with black honey sauce, the flavours were further elevated to make this a delicate yet indulgent parfait dessert.

First world problem: What to eat for the next meal?

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