Because there’s always room for desserts.
Siming T
Siming T

Our impression of pudding would usually be sweet, but Ippudo had this Japanese Shio Pudding (S$5.90) that also carried a balanced twist of savouriness. Although it might not be silky in every scoop, it was still able to melt in the mouth.

The portion might seem small, but it was actually a sufficient size for one. Any larger might just feel too much for a dessert like this.


One might have been looking forward to a more theatrical effect from the cakes at Starbucks, and their Chocolate Avalanche Mocha Cake (S$6.90) probably answered their prayers. Essentially, the cake was served with warm chocolate sauce poured into the plastic mould, and to enjoy the cake you could just lift the mould to allow the chocolate sauce to flush the exterior of the cake.

Conceptually, fun. But the chocolate sauce was just too sweet for the cake to be decadent. Maybe to the point of getting ready a venti-size lukewarm water to wash down that “gelak” feel.

This S$14.00 dessert had wowed me in three ways:

🍰 The cheesecake might have been more aptly classified as a tart instead of a cheesecake, because the usual cheesecake base was, instead, a large tart shell.

🍨 The “cake” was already in a melting state when served, just like how ice cream would appear when left at room temperature. However, it was not ice cream, but more like the creamy state of the dessert. And it really explained why a tart shell was used: just so to contain the runny cream.

🧀 Blue cheese was added to this cheesecake to add an extra savoury aftertaste, but because it was runny, that made me conquer it non-stop.

It wasn’t just unique; it’s also an excellent dessert to go with a bottle of wine!

A new addition from their refreshed menu, Lady M introduced this Blueberry Cheesecake Mille Crepes (S$12.00). Initially, I was apprehensive as to whether this would be too sweet because of the layer of blueberry jam on top, but I guessed the flavours were mildly balanced actually.

This would definitely go well in small bites and paired with some tea, but I guessed the pairing recommendations had been removed from a large part of the menu. Anyhow, the Oolong Rose appeared to be a good choice.

If the Matcha equivalent was too mainstream, I felt that the Pudding Strawberry Milk (S$5.20) might be a considerable alternative. Also using Hokkaido milk, the difference came from the sweet strawberry syrup that also gave the dessert beverage a beautiful red colour.

The pudding was fine, but I wondered if the not-so-silky texture was made in this manner for easier sucking through the straw…

A new donut store seemed to have attracted crowds to come by to check out their interesting flavours, like Orh Nee (S$2.60), Pandan Ondeh-Ondeh (S$2.90) and Nanyang Coffee (S$2.60).

I was lucky enough to catch them while they were still open (with limited availability of course). And I would totally agree that the flavours were rich, plus the donut was chewy in a very pleasant way!

To get involved in a good deed, I also paid an extra S$2.00 to get a takeaway box. This box not only had a cover design from a student in Pathlight School, but part of the proceeds will also go to this special needs school. So, why not?


Well, they might not have listed their popular Brioche Donuts (S$3.80 per piece) in their brunch menu, but they would bring over limited quantities of these babies, for dine-in or takeaway, from their bakery kitchen at their Tanglin Post Office location.

Personally, I would prefer their Kaya flavour over the Chocolate one, because although both fillings were made from scratch, the Kaya they made was fragrant and sweet. Balanced by the airy brioche and dusted with icing sugar, the donut would give me the sugar fix that I would probably not resist.



When almost every set of diners here had ordered the Pancakes with Warm Maple Butter (S$20.00), it was hard not to follow suit.

Indeed, before the appearance of soufflé pancakes, pancakes like these were much sought after for having a fluffy texture, especially when the maple syrup and butter were combined to become a drizzle. And as I was not keen on blueberries today, I chose the banana walnut option and it was quite awesome too.

Though I would have really wished for a lot more maple butter, one could ask for more of those at an additional cost of S$2.00. And for those who would love some meat to go with the pancakes, perhaps ordering some Sugar-cured Bacon at S$7.00 could satisfy.

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Other than getting some cakes to go, Flor Patisserie actually offered a pretty peaceful dine-in area for those who wanted some quiet moments to appreciate their exquisite pastries.

The Waguri Millefeuille (S$8.50) comprised custard cream and chestnut cream covering the puff pastry and sponge cakes within. Having the creamy texture like a Mont Blanc cake, this pastry also provided additional texture with Japanese chestnuts atop the pastry, giving a more Japanese feel to the treat.

And because they also offered a beverage list, I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that they had a cake set that came with a hot beverage, at only S$14.00. You bet that this would be a perfect place for a hideout or a small-group gathering if cake was something you could not resist.


Hattendo might have boosted their popularity through their cream buns and melon buns at their pop-up stalls, but today I realised that their Pistachio Soft Serve (S$8.00) was also worth the calories.

Made with 100% Hokkaido fresh milk and Italy-imported pistachios, the soft serve packed a dense flavour of roasted pistachio with velvety cream. Other than the sprinkle of ground almond nut for the texture, make sure that you finish up all the cookie crumble at the bottom as they had probably soaked up whichever amounts of melted ice cream.

I loved the roasted nut aftertaste that lingered in my mouth, to be honest.



Chinatown might not be bustling with activities with the restriction of incoming leisure travellers, but it might also not be so easy to find a less crowded place to sip tea and relax over cakes and snacks.

Over at the junction of Temple Street and Trengganu Street, existed a pitstop called Sweetea Caffe which was located at the second and third storey of the gazetted shophouse. It was not only air-conditioned, but also offered a nice view especially from the third floor.

Although they had brought in their cakes from their own supplier, I was pleased with the Durian Lava Cake (S$7.80), which was rich in real durian flavours. They were also thoughtful to plate some fruits by the side to add a bit of acidity to balance the desserts a little bit.

Some diners might debate that durians should not be eaten warm, so the café did not nuke their cakes by too much. However, it was always possible to specify that you want the cake more chilled or runny, whichever your preference might be.

Wife Cakes from Hang Heung used to be my favourite goodies my friends would bring back from Hong Kong, with the little red box bundled with red raffia string. And as like many brands that expanded their market overseas, there was no longer a need to fly to Yuen Lang to buy them, as they opened their first Singapore branch at ION Orchard.

Each box would pack 6 pieces of freshly-baked pastries at S$15.00, though one could also get individual pieces of Wife Cake at S$2.80 each. And as far as I was concerned, these Wife Cakes were awesome, with very thin flaky pastry crust and a soft, mochi-like winter melon paste filling that was tastefully sweet for me.

Queue lines were said to be long to get your hands on a box of this, but the game plan was really to visit them during off-peak hours for the transaction to be quick and smooth. Just wondering how long it would take for the purchase limit of two boxes per customer would be lifted for this one.

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