Because there’s always room for desserts.
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Siming T

The Say Cheese Mango Cheesecake (S$6.90) had a texture that was slightly different from the usual New York Cheesecake, also sold at Starbucks. This one here had a really soft, mousse-like touch to the cheesecake, to create a bit of a melt-in-your-mouth experience. On the other hand, while the taste of mango was prominent in the cake, I tend to wonder if it was overdosed with mango essence instead of a real deal.

If you were into the aesthetics, it was also one of the more innovative creations where the surface had “holes” which made the cake look like a wedge of cheese. If only the crisp on top was made of cheese...

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Some desire for a white Christmas? Blackball had just brought back their Milky Lollies Soft Serve (S$4.50), or what was more colloquially termed as “White Rabbit Candy ice cream”.

What was said to be different from its first version which was launched a couple of months ago, was that the sweetness of the soft serve was moderated, so that it was not plainly sugar. I found that while the flavours were milder than before (though I could not really draw an accurate comparison because I had not tried the last round), it might actually come across as less distinct from the regular vanilla flavour ice-cream we could find out there. But one thing I was certain was that the creaminess if the soft serve was definitely on point, so it would still be worth a try to reconnect with that childhood candy.



This one, I definitely would recommend.

The Blueberry Lemon Yogurt Parfait (S$8.90) turned out to be my star item for tonight’s Burpple Eatup. Presented like a breakfast parfait, it was actually a clever way of bringing in lemon curd to blueberries and honey oats and sunflower seeds. It was both tangy and delicious altogether, and I thought that those who enjoyed sour desserts should not give this a miss!



Shown in this picture was the aftermath of dropping the Chocolate Dome (S$18.00) from a height. It was the playful and theatrical part of the meal, whereby I had two options when this first came in a dessert cup: drop it from a height (plastic gloves provided) or to break it with a spoon.

Putting the gloves on, I then held the chocolate bowl in my hands, lifted about 30cm from the plate, and released it to watch it fall and shatter, only to discover some little surprises hidden by the scoop of Earl Grey ice cream, such as honeycomb, cheesecake and mixed berries. Don’t forget to top it up with some caramel sauce and condensed milk for added sweetness!


The main attraction of this Gateau Aux Marrons was the crosshatch pipings of almond-infused cream, because autumn is here and a chestnutty seasonal feel was there. One might think that this was similar to a Mont Blanc cake, but what I reallt fancied about it was the beautiful presentation with the whipped cream centre that was sandwiched by almond flour cake. When Mille Crêpe cakes would become a bit boring for you, this S$9.50 cake would give you a whole new light that Lady M had more to offer than only the Mille Crêpe and Checkers selections.

Tai Cheong’s Signature Egg Tarts (S$2.00) won a lot of attention based on my Instagram feed, so out of curiosity I decided to give it a try. Unlike the usual pastry shell that I would expect from the traditional egg tarts that I was exposed to, the egg tart shell here was cookie-style which then promised more crunch. The custard curd was also within expectation: smooth with a sufficient degree of sweetness.

Sadly, it was not as outstanding as I had hoped for it to be, which also meant that I might pick this up if I were nearby, and not something that I would go out of the way to buy.

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By now, there would have been a number of restaurants that offered soufflé pancakes (last that I saw, a Thai restaurant was having that in their menu too), but I must say that I was very impressed with this Peanut Butter Soufflé Pancakes (S$10.80). With two fluffy pancakes stacked up, a generous scoop of homemade crunchy peanut butter was dropped on to them, followed by a spoonful of crushed spiced cookies for added flavours. The Fraise & Myrtille Pâte de Fruit cubes that came along added a little balance with their very mild acidity, but that combination had some resemblance to peanut butter jelly sandwich.

As a person who had weakness to peanut butter, I could only say that I would not want to share this dessert with others. The savoury nature of peanut butter made this dessert so balanced that I did not feel any sugar rush after consuming it.


The restaurants along the stretch of Arcade @ Capitol Kempinski had many above-average restaurants, and La Scala Ristorante was one of them that specialised in Italian cuisine.

After a hearty pizza dinner, I craved for some nice desserts to end the meal. The waitress recommended me the Mini Cannoli Siciliani (S$14.00), which included two pieces of cannoli filled with sweet ricotta, candied fruit and chocolate bits.

The dessert felt like a Christmas delight, and while the shells were a little too hard for a pleasant chew, the portion was just nice for sharing, and its sweetness was on point to make this a good meal.

The name “Black Tap” might have suggested the pride of the beers in the house, but I would really want to give a special mention to their signature Crazyshakes, which were giant milkshakes with very elaborate accessories.

I had the Sweet N’ Salty Crazyshake (S$20.00), which included a chocolate frosted rim with lots of M&Ms embedding and other stuff like pretzels, peanut buttercups and a caramel lolly called “Sugar Daddy”. With a combination of sweet and salty ingredients, I would still say that the drink was still off-balance with overwhelming sweetness, especially if you were like me, who would not let those M&Ms go to waste. Talk about a crazy shaky sugar rush indeed.


The Chinese-style French Toast that marked the end of my meal was not bad at all. Given a price of S$9.50, there were nine blocks of toast that were stacked together, and the ice cream was just a temperature contrast to the dessert.

What I fancied about this dish though, was the toast were done to a point whereby the exterior was done to a slight crisp, whereas the internal part of them was still quite fluffy. Whether the condensed milk was drizzled or dipped, the French Toast maintained a balance of sweet and savoury flavours altogether.

Anyway, there were traces of crushed pistachio from the plating, so just watch out for any potential food allergies that might surface.


Tucked in the slightly less vibrant part of Ang Mo Kio Central was Sir Stamford Waffles, and well, that name itself would easily draw people’s attention to their waffles (partly also because any other form of desserts were not available at the time of my order).

So their Signature SSW Waffle Set (S$12.50) was quite an interesting one, for the waffle that was served looked fragmented, but the crisp of the waffle was there anyhow. Each set also came with a choice of sauce that was drizzled over.

The ice cream they used were self-made, and I must say they were worth the calories. Their “Kaya Roti” flavour was rich in coconut and pandan notes, with the occasional bread crumb surprises inside.

It was a place worth chilling out on a weekday afternoon, when crowds were less likely to be encountered.

Just be warned that there’s a pretty sour core though.
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First world problem: What to eat for the next meal?

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