Can’t emphasise enough how much I love Tom’s Palette’s innovative flavours. They have the coolest flavours like parmesan cheese and cream crackers (tastes more like cream cheese though), salted egg yolk (100% like the salted egg yolk in a mooncake) and other flavours that weren’t available when I went but sound very interesting, like white chocolate nori, and chee cheong fan.

I went for the following flavours: chocolate stout (alcoholic), yuzu, chai, and mocha macnut. My favourites were the chocolate stout and chai. The chocolate stout flavour tastes so alike to Royce’s alcoholic nama chocolates- the chocolate flavour is so rich and there’s a tinge of the stout which adds a bit of bitterness. There also isn’t an overwhelming alcoholic kick, so even if you don’t drink, it’s still very enjoyable. The chai flavour is really strong tasting, with a real spicy kick from the masala at the end. The yuzu flavour was not bad and tasted like a slightly creamy yuzu, although I felt that I could have been more sour, but that’s my personal preference. The mocha macnut was the least remarkable for me, but it had a decent coffee taste.

Apart from the funky flavours, the texture of the ice cream was also great- not icy and not overly creamy too. Totally gonna use up all my #burpplebeyond deals here. Plus, the location is quite convenient as it’s located in Shaw Towers, which is just a short walk from Esplanade mrt. I highly recommend the chocolate stout flavour!! Also, they have new flavours coming out all the time, so I’m definitely going to pay a visit soon to try their kueh bangit and kueh dadar flavours that they’ve developed for National Day.

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